Now you can wear Hatsune Miku lingerie, even if she, lacking a physical body, can’t.

Is virtual idol Hatsune Miku a “real” singer? It depends where you draw the line for what qualifies as acceptable usage of the term.

On one hand, she’s definitely not human, since her voice comes from a Vocaloid sound synthesis program and her appearance is either CG or a hand-drawn illustration, depending on which particular image of her you’re talking about. But at the same time, she’s a majorly successful music act, who’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in show business. Her defenders would further argue that with all the audio processing done to human musicians’ voices during recording, Miku’s vocals aren’t even that fundamentally different from a flesh-and-blood singer’s.

And now comes another example of Miku’s power to make things happen in the physical world, as she’s now got her own lingerie.



One of anime and otaku culture fashion label Super Groupies’ latest offerings is the Hatsune Miku bra and pantie set, with a delicate aqua evocative of Miku’s flowing hair serving as the primary hue.



Just as Miku is involved in numerous multimedia projects, so too is the bra crafted from a variety of materials, with cotton cups, a nylon/polyurethane back section, and polyester used elsewhere. The panties, meanwhile, have a cotton front and polyester/polyurethane blend back.

▼ Lace effects and ribbons provide a generous dose of girlishness.



If you’re looking for more coverage, Super Groupies also has a Hatsune Miku camisole-style negligee.




While the shell is polyester, the cups and back of the negligee have a cotton lining for extra softness on the wearer’s skin.



Super Groupies is currently taking domestic preorders for both items through its website. The Hatsune Miku lingerie, priced at 8,800 yen (US$85) can be ordered here, and you’ll find the 8,500-yen negligee here. Shipping for both is scheduled for March.

Source: IT Media
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