Japanese diners are currently voting for their favourite candidate in delicious fast food form.

While people in Japan are keenly watching the American presidential election from afar, one popular burger chain has found a way for locals to get involved…through their stomachs. J.S. Burgers, who previously thrilled our eyes and taste buds with the awesome limited-edition Ghostbusters range of food and drinks, is back with another unique themed menu, cleverly dubbed “American Election – Which are you?”


The two stars of the new campaign are the “Mr. Burger” and the “Mrs. Burger”, which pay tribute to the birthplace of each candidate. The Mr. Burger, priced at 1,490 yen (US$14.28), tips its hat to the New York hometown of the male contender, styled in the image of one of the city’s specialties, the classic Reuben sandwich. In between two dark, masculine-style buns, this special offering comes filled with pastrami beef, an aged beef patty, classic coleslaw and homemade Russian dressing.

▼ The burger’s classic American flavour is said to embody the motto of “Make America Great Again”.


The Mrs. Burger (1,490 yen) takes its inspiration from the female candidate’s hometown of Chicago, containing all the elements you’d find in a Chicago Dog, with a poppy-seed bun, fresh vegetables and pickles, a sausage, and an aged beef patty. Brought together with the all-important yellow mustard and celery salt, the combination of flavours is said to be a perfect representation of the slogan, “Stronger Together”.


As a special treat for Halloween, a limited-edition milkshake will also be joining the burgers on the menu. Only available until 31 October, the Halloween Shake Hands has a bright orange hue and contains a mash-up of ingredients like pumpkin and Chicago-style caramel and cheddar cheese popcorn. With all the thick texture and cheesy aroma of a New York cheesecake, the unusual shake can be purchased with a cocoa bun topping and a side of salty fries for 1,380 yen. The shake on its own retails for 1,280 yen.


Because this is an election, customers who order one of the burgers will receive a voting card, which can be inserted into the in-store ballot box. Votes will be taken while the special menu is available, until 7 November, with the “President Burger” being announced on 9 November via the burger chain’s Instagram account.

We’ll definitely be stopping by one of the chain’s participating outlets (although the special burgers won’t be offered at the Tachikawa branch) to take part in the election process because, after all, every vote counts!

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