The way this feline uses its submerged position to evade being tagged by its friend is so cute it’s got people around the world laughing.

From the gentlest of cat fights to hilarious punch-ups over dinner, cat duos have been winning our hearts lately with their bizarre approaches to social situations. Now there’s a video of another cute cat couple that’s got people’s attention online, and with more than a hundred thousand views and shares in just two days, this one is currently on its way to breaking the Internet with its cuteness.

▼ Watch as one cat outsmarts the other before becoming the one outsmarted in this hilarious game of tag below.

At first, the cat used its hidden position to its advantage, puzzling its friend, who never once thought to get into the drain in pursuit.


After evading capture and taunting its pal with a couple of cute peek-a-boo glances, the cat in the drain appeared to lose interest, turning its back on the game. But that’s the moment the chaser was waiting for, as it seized the opportunity to run up and pounce on the cat’s unsuspecting back, tagging its target before it had the chance to run away.


Twitter users instantly fell in love with the clip, leaving comments like:

“I can’t handle this much cuteness!”
“It’s like the cat’s saying ‘Hehe I’m over he-re!'”
“It’s so adorable I watched it over and over again!”
“Thanks cats – your cute playtime has healed me.”
“I had no idea cats played together like this! They’re like little children!”

With local and international media picking up on the cute video, which is being shared online by more and more people each day, these cats are healing the world with their innocent playtime antics. It looks like they’re well on their way to becoming one of the most well-known feline comedy acts to emerge from the streets of Japan!

Source: Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@ikasazu0104