No amount of Nivea cream can cover up the high levels of adorableness here.

Making messes is part of the job description of being a toddler. It’s right up there with throwing a tantrum at the most inopportune times, and waking up at 5:00 a.m. on the weekend when mom and dad just want to sleep in for God’s sake.

But depending on the toddler, they can deal with those messes in different ways. Some cry about it, some run away like diaper-clad fugitives, and others have their own cute ways of trying to melt their parents’ hearts so as not to get in trouble.

That’s exactly what happened when Japanese Twitter user @saki_kyun_’s toddler got into her Nivea cream and made a mess. Here’s the video of the aftermath:

“Just when I thought she was getting mature and grown up,
she does this. This is worse than when she got into my lipstick!”

The first 18 seconds are the mom scolding her, asking her what she was thinking, while the toddler just stares back in petrified disbelief. But then at the 0:18 mark, when the mom asks for a “sorry” (gomen ne!), we get one of the most adorable apologies ever caught on camera.

The incident inspired other Japanese netizens to post their own similar stories:

“The same thing happened to me lol! She got so sticky with Nivea cream and it was terrible to clean up. Good luck!”

▼ Are we sure this isn’t some sort of Nivea cream monster?

▼ Well, he’s still technically someone’s kid.

Even though toddlers can make a mess when they’re awake, when they’re asleep they’re kind of cute… especially when their batteries suddenly run out and they just collapse in hilarious locations.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@saki_kyun_