If you’re a Pokémon fan who plans on getting out of bed sometime today, you’ll want these.

As a Pokémon which spends almost the entire day sleeping, Snorlax was the perfect character from the anime/video game franchise to turn into a bed. However, those Snorlax beds that went on sale in Japan last February were maybe a little too faithful to the source material, as not only did they look just like the plus-sized Pocket Monster, they also tended to block walkways in people’s homes.

So if you’re looking to indulge in your love of Snorlax in a way that’s still comfortably lazy yet more compact, U.S.-based ThinkGeek has you, or more specifically your feet, covered.


Not only will these Snorlax slippers keep your toes warm and your appearance Poké-fied, they make snoring sounds with every step you take, as demonstrated in the video below.

The officially licensed footwear fits shoes sizes up to a men’s 10 or women’s 12. While the big attention-grabber is the contended smiling face of Snorlax staring up at you…


…proper attention has also been paid to the slippers’ soles, which have a non-slip surface just in case you need to spring into action like Snorlax unleashing his Z-Move after 20 years of charging up.

The Snorlax slippers, priced at US$29.99, can be ordered here directly from ThinkGeek.

Source: ThinkGeek via IT Media
Images: ThinkGeek

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