Snorlax Pokémon slippers are awesomely adorable, make sounds when you take a step【Video】

If you’re a Pokémon fan who plans on getting out of bed sometime today, you’ll want these.

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Sneak around in cat feet with cute new “soundless” kitten slippers from Felisssimo

These wide-eyed kitties will watch you with every step while you enjoy the comfort of padded soles.

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Taking indoor shoes out: Elementary student style now trending among women in Japan

As many of you know, Japan maintains a strong sense of uchi and soto, or inside/in-group and outside/out-group. As part of that culture, all people, young and old, are made to change their shoes upon entering most buildings and homes. Students, especially elementary school students, get a special pair of indoor shoes called uwabaki, often called “hallway slippers,” for use while inside the school building. Much like the trendiness of Japanese elementary school backpacksuwabaki are being seen out on the streets on the feet of fashion-forward women. But are elementary school indoor shoes really that fashionable? You’d be surprised!

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