Sexy cerebellum?

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We tried “brain-flavored” zombie ramen from Hokkaido, with surprising results!

What better way to commemorate your visit to Hokkaido than with a bowl of brains?

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“Brain Ramen” instant ramen in stores now, best not to follow their serving suggestions

Why wait to be zombified before you can enjoy some delicious brains?

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Top 8 weird things we think after playing video games for too long, according to Japanese gamers

Wait, you mean I can’t just hold the Y button to run anymore?

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Resident Evil to Infect Universal Studios Japan This Fall

Following in the tradition of Japan getting all the cool Resident Evil stuff, Universal Studios Japan has announced they will be converting a portion of the theme park into a zombie-infested Raccoon City this Fall.

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Tokyo Restaurant Serves Sheep Brain Curry, We Investigate

About 95-97% of the population of Pakistan is Muslim, which means there’s not a lot of pork eaten in the country. Pakistanis do, however, eat a lot of sheep. And when they eat sheep, they eat all of the sheep — meat, heart, genitals, brains, you name it and Pakistanis have a recipe for it.

If you know where to look, you can even find Pakistani restaurants here in Japan that serve dishes using some of the more exotic parts of the animal.

One such restaurant is Maruhaba in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, which serves sheep brain curry.

We recently sent reporter Mr. Sato to Maruhaba to try the dish out; after all, he looks like he could benefit from a little more brain.

His report follows below:

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