Street Fighter II

Street Fighter 6 throws fierce punch of ‘90s nostalgia, brings back anime movie theme song【Video】

New preview video features iconic J-pop song from the climax of the Street Fighter II anime movie.

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Pocky x Street Fighter II collaboration comes with a special game for a limited time

Will you be able to deliver a Pocky K.O.?

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Gamer sake Gaming Rainbow coming this spring, cans illustrated by past and present greats

Proving once again that there’s nothing you can’t make gaming and/or gamer.

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Rising sun removed from Street Fighter II background in game’s latest re-release

The sun sets on E. Honda’s bathhouse mural design 30 years after it first appeared.

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Japanese cosplay comedians perfectly recreate Street Fighter II…if you close your eyes【Video】

Sounds can be deceiving as Ryu battles E. Honda in a fight that’s half laughable, half legitimately amazing.

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Here comes a new T-Shirt! Uniqlo Street Fighter II and V shirts

Next time you dismantle a car with punches and kicks, do it in one of these neat champion edition shirts.

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Street Fighter II and UBIQ collab shoes put some extra kick in your step

Who needs a plain old Street Fighter II t-shirt when you could have shoes instead?

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Virtuoso drums the entire game of Street Fighter II, shows us its music was actually pretty good

Dainashi shows the stamina of a warrior as he drums the extremely high tempo theme songs to every stage.

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Street Fighter II’s iconic bonus round gets a new car in awesome Toyota video【Video】

Fighting game’s last boss fights against Toyota’s newest model.

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Japanese comedy duo nail impressive reenactment of Street Fighter II battle【Video】

They’ve got your pow, bam, and hadoken packed with some good, ol’ fashioned laughs.

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We visit “world’s largest” Buddha in Fukuoka, puts Sagat’s to shame

Fukuoka Prefecture is a major tourist destination in Japan, drawing people form all over the country all year round. But what’s unusual about the prefecture is that, despite its great many visitors, it doesn’t have any particularly famous sightseeing spots. Most people come for the food alone—a fact which should give you an indication of how good it is.

That’s why our reporter, Takashi Harada went in search of something worth gawking at in the otherwise wonderful land of Fukuoka and came across something that every visitor ought to see: the “World’s Largest Buddha statue” nestled deep in its mountains.

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Look like you’ve just taken a hadoken to the head with this dizzy birdy halo

Little birdies flying around someone’s injured head in cartoons and the like have been making severe physical trauma fun since time immemorial. Fans of Street Fighter II will also remember this age-old gag as that frustrating feature that would leave your character momentarily stunned and vulnerable to any attack.

Every time those baby chicks started circling, I’d suck air through my teeth and start violently slamming both hands on the joystick and buttons. Meanwhile, my opponent would just smile and slowly walk up to deliver some easy yoga noogies.

Now you too can recreate all that fun and mild annoyance with the Street Fighter II Piyoru Headband!

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