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Doutor Coffee Japan’s cherry blossom drinks and snacks are a pretty pastel paradise

The best way to get in the cherry blossom season mood? Food and drink.

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Komeda Coffee’s Gratin Croquette Burger is just the comfort food we need this winter

Hot and fried potato, cream, and cheese on a bun–the perfect meal for a winter’s day.

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We try Starbucks’ buzzworthy (and slightly gross) new cream pie to see how good it really is

Hopefully they won’t hatch into snails in our stomachs.

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We try Starbucks Taiwan’s scrumptious mizu manju buns for the Dragon Boat Festival【Taste test】

How does this Eastern delicacy pair with coffee? We find out.

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We tried Pizza Hut Japan’s limited-edition pizza topped with…ice cream and maple syrup?

Dinner and dessert all in one meal? Now that’s efficient eating. Read More

Taste-testing 3 fast food chains’ autumn chocolate pies in Japan to find the ultimate pie

McDonald’s, Lotteria, and KFC – who will win?

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Pokémon Cafe gears up for the spooky season by offering three new adorable Halloween dishes

Don’t miss out on these limited-edition lightning, dark, and grass-type yummies!

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Sushi chain’s Halloween-themed menu includes black squid-ink curry, purple mayo, and “eyeballs”

These grotesque treats are full of tricks!

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Burger King Japan’s new Premium Berry burger may sound awful, but it tastes fantastic

The moment it was unveiled earlier this week, dozens of English-language blogs and news sites slammed Burger King Japan’s new seasonal offering, suggesting that the very notion of a hamburger topped with berries and slathered with a sweet pink sauce sounded about as appetising as a sweetfish hotdog served with a side of sick.

Aside from the occasional slice of pineapple, it is indeed rare to find fruit slipped between a hamburger’s buns, but knowing how well meats like turkey and pork go with sweet and sticky glazes and sauces, we at RocketNews24 remained optimistic that Burger King was not in fact trying to kill us with its latest creation, and headed down to try it for ourselves.

And as it turns out, the Premium Berry burger is actually kind of awesome.

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