Fans of magical girls and Sanrio, rejoice–this is truly a collaboration destined by moonlight.

What do you get when you combine sugar, spice, and everything nice? Well, the Powerpuff Girls for one, but this dreamy Sailor Moon x My Melody pair-up as part of the former’s 25th anniversary celebration is sure to be at the top of many fans’ lists.

Featuring dollops of sparkles, ribbons, and romance, one can’t help but be consumed by cuteness overload in this collaboration between one of Sanrio’s original three characters and everybody’s favorite scatterbrained magical girl Sailor Moon. Even more fitting, perhaps, is that Sailor Moon’s civilian name is Usagi, which means “rabbit” in Japanese–making her team-up with My Melody almost inevitable.

Check out the cute visual that was revealed this week featuring My Melody, Sailor Moon, and the Pretty Guardian’s trusty feline sidekick Luna dolled up in magical girl sailor suits and drawn in a whimsical style:

While specific details are still forthcoming, this adorable image will adorn a line of Sailor Moon 25th anniversary goods such as stuffed animals, bags, towels, and stationery sets that will be available at Sanrio shops throughout Japan beginning in August. Keep your eyes peeled to the official project website (link below) for future product release information!

Source: Nijimen
Top image: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Project Official Site (edited by SoraNews24)