product testing

Daiso vs. Seria: Which sells the better egg white whipper? We find out【SoraKitchen】

Two major 100-yen stores go head-to-head in a thrilling time-attack race!

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Age-ravaged Mr. Sato seeks beauty help from Lift Up Trainer Buru Buru Buru Ko

Mr. Sato shoves vibrating plastic lips in his mouth in hopes of reclaiming his youth.

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We test out wax hair removal strips from the 100-yen store on our hairy, manly legs

Could it possibly be easier than using a razor? It’s time to grit our teeth and find out!

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The Kabuki Face Pack: Being beautiful is kind of gross…

Until last night, I had never used a face pack. In fact, aside from the fact that they go on your face, the only thing I knew about face packs is that many women use them because…skin. Or something.

But all that changed when I discovered my wife grinning at me and waving a white cardboard envelope around. “It’s time!” she told me. Pure panic hit me before I’d remembered I’d agreed to do…something. What was it? Oh, right, put on a kabuki face pack. “But first, let me get the camera,” she said…

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