If she can keep the anime heroine from slacking off, she should be able to help you stay focused too.

Though Sailor Moon is the one they named the series after, you could argue that the real hero of the iconic anime/manga franchise is actually Luna. See, when the titular heroine has her periodic bouts with laziness, selfishness, or one of her other relatable flaws, it’s usually mentor cat Luna who gets Sailor Moon back on task and saving the world.

And now Luna can do the same for you by perching on your lap as a PC cushion, softly but sternly reminding you to avoid distractions and focus on getting your professional or academic projects done.

The latest ergonomic plushie from Premium Bandai, this version of Luna is extra cute, with chubbier super-deformed proportions compared to her appearance within the Sailor Moon anime itself. With that crescent moon mark on her forehead, though, there’s no mistaking which franchise she hails from.

While Luna comes with a cushiony keyboard-like pillow of her own, it’s removable, just in case you want to just have her fill the role of a standard stuffed animal.

Alternatively, you can use the pad by itself as a wrist rest. It’s dual-sided, with one side featuring the same bunnies and moons motif as the bedsheets Sailor Moon uses in her secret identity of ordinary schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino.

On the other side is a keyboard layout with some clever Sailor Moon Easter eggs, like the 1 through 5 keys corresponding with the order in which the Sailor Senshi make their first appearances (1 for Sailor Moon, 2 for Mercury, 3 for Mars, 4 for Jupiter, and 5 for Venus).

▼ U for Usagi, A for Ami, R for Rei, M for Makoto, and N for Minako.

The Luna PC cushion is priced at 5,616 yen (US$50), which doesn’t sound too bad for the services of a magical girl mentor. Standing 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) tall, she’s just a bit more petite than Premium Bandai’s Pikachu and Eevee PC cushions, but not so different in scale that they won’t be able to play nicely together.

Orders for Luna can be placed here directly with Premium Bandai, with delivery scheduled for November.

Sources: @Press, Premium Bandai
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