Texan cosplayer UniqueSora has been wowing social media with perfect costumes of everything from American animation classics to ambitious anime icons.

No matter how dedicated you are to your favorite 2-D characters, there’s always a frisson of excitement when you see a cosplayer realize them perfectly in 3-D. No wonder fans turn up en masse to catch a glimpse of their favorite cosplayers in the flesh!

Not all of us can fork over the cash to get to Tokyo Game Show or Comiket, though. That’s why we appreciate the global nature of the Internet so much: and especially appreciate the hard work of social media cosplayers like Jasmine, also known online as UniqueSora. Her account is stuffed full of familiar faces, recreated with stylish fashion and perfect makeup.

How about Dragon Ball‘s most famous (and dangerously impulsive) heroine, Bulma?

▼ Little touches like the handmade hairtie really make this outfit pop!

There’s even more glamorous anime beauties in the UniqueSora repertoire. Feline ex-captain Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach has never looked so good!

▼ Her mischievous smile looks like something straight from the show!

Fans of the Sailor Moon franchise should check out her take on the brainy water warrior, Sailor Mercury.

▼ The camera caught her in the middle of a Mercury Bubbles attack

But if your tastes lie with more modern anime, Jasmine dressed up as anti-grav heroine Uraraka from My Hero Academia to keep your spirits afloat.

American produced anime-style shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra and Voltron: Last Defender also get Jasmine’s close eye for detail and beautifully sculpted props.

Allura’s radiant beauty is only matched by the awesome costume work on her armor!

▼ Here Jasmine cosplays Korra, while her real-life girlfriend @khyvacraft plays her fictional girlfriend Asami

▼ Water tribe represent! Jasmine looks super cool as water-bender Katara

As we all know, any cosplay repertoire can reap the benefit from a couple of Disney features. Lucky for us, Jasmine cosplayed the beautiful dancer Esmeralda from Disney’s underappreciated gem The Hunchback of Notre Dame, not once but twice! There’s also a super trendy look from Big Hero 6‘s Go-Go Yubari, a cute Roxanne from A Goofy Movie, and even Spinelli from Disney’s animated TV show Recess gets to make a nostalgic cameo.

▼ Esmeralda, both in her regal festival attire from her first performance…

▼ …and the outfit she spends the majority of the movie wearing.

▼ Go, Go, Go-Go!

▼ Wow, queen, you’re so beautiful!

▼ Recognize this break-time punk?

Guess what? It doesn’t end there! UniqueSora has costumes and photoshoots for characters from all kinds of franchises, with games, movies and TV shows all taking the spotlight depending on the contents of her closet and craft supplies.

▼ Her Clementine costume from The Walking Dead games uses make-up and fabric paint to capture the definitive lined style

▼ She looks just like your adorable daughter Amanda (from Dream Daddy: A Dad Simulator) come to life!

▼ The sexy style in this Crimson Viper cosplay from Street Fighter IV is off the charts

▼ With cosplay skills like this, who needs luck? Jasmine dresses as Domino from the Deadpool movies


With such a drastic range of characters, every upload is a delight! Definitely check out her social media for more beautiful shots of her cosplays, as well as cute couple photographs, makeup advice and fun discussions in her comments section. Here’s hoping she finds a way to take part in Japan’s Bowsette cosplay contest next month!

Source: Instagram/@UniqueSora
Featured image: Instagram/@UniqueSora

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