What wonders await in this massive seven-floor Daiso just outside Tokyo? Come with us and find out!

There are a number of 100 yen store chains in Japan, but the most popular, by far, is Daiso. Aside from being the industry’s pioneer and predating its rivals, Daiso owes a lot of its success to its flexible philosophy regarding store sizes, with its compact locations sliding into the limited space of Japan’s urban centers, and larger branches offering larger selections in the suburbs.

So if Daiso is Japan’s biggest 100 yen chain, where is Japan’s biggest Daiso? Not far from downtown Tokyo, it turns out. Right next to Funabashi Station, less than a half-hour from Tokyo Station, you’ll find the Daiso Giga Funabashi branch.

That whole six-story building is a single Daiso branch. Oh, and there’s even a basement, which means there are a total of seven floors full of 100-yen [$US0.90] treasures.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of setting foot inside a Daiso, you’ll know that they sell just about everything imaginable, and the Funabashi branch is no exception. The difference is that while most Daisos are so jam-packed with stuff that every time you turn your head you’re looking at a completely different category of merchandise, the Daiso Giga Finabashi gives shoppers much more elbow room.

As a matter of fact, this branch’s 2,000 square meters (21,528 square feet) of floor space make it feel more like a collection of separate specialty shops. For example, while just about any Daiso will have a shelf with a few different styles of rice bowls and chopsticks, the Daiso Giga Funabashi’s kitchenware section stretches as far as the eye can see.

▼ An entire row of bento boxes on the left

The sock section is expansive enough that you could outfit yourself with enough different designs to go for months without repeating…

…and you could easily get all the hats or belts you’ll ever need here.

Want some makeup to go with your fashionable accessories? The cosmetics and fragrance section is massive.

The artificial flower section is filled with more blossoms than any neighborhood florist’s shop…

…or, if you prefer your plants to be natural, there’s also a large gardening supplies section, which even sells seeds to help you get your thumb green.

Looking to keep your house tidy by organizing all your important paperwork? Daiso Giga Funabashi has a ridiculous amount of filing cases, baskets, buckets, and containers.

Then there are all the things we never even knew Daiso dealt in, like supplies for home carpentry

…do-it-yourself painting

…and fishing.

Want to build a steel shelf? Daiso’s got you covered.

We were shocked by how many different colanders there are…

…until we saw how many different drill bits the store has, and were shocked by that instead.

We were kind of disappointed that the toy section isn’t bigger…

…though we suppose if your kids are really clamoring for something to play with, you can always buy them a pack of dust masks and say they’re really robot costumes…

…or a cute panda-shaped headrest cover from the car accessories section, and have them pretend it’s a stuffed animal.

But perhaps our favorite area is the one with racks of canes

…proving the Daiso Giga has just about everything we need in life, even when we’ve lived long enough to need a walking stick.

Shop information
Daiso Giga Funabashi / ダイソーギガ船橋店
Address: Chiba-ken, Funabashi-shi, Honcho 1-6-3
Open 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

Photos ©SoraNews24

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