Tumblers and mugs feature some of Japan’s most beloved winter symbols.

From sakura collections in spring to Christmas-themed ranges for the holiday season, Starbucks customers in Japan get to enjoy a wide range of collectible mugs, glasses and tumblers throughout the year, but for those who want something that says “Japan”, quite literally, then look no further than the You Are Here Collection.

This drinkware series, which has been available in Canada and the U.S. for a number of years, incorporates local landmarks into its design, and is highly sought after by fans due to its regional exclusivity.

▼ Japan finally got its own You Are Here range last year (pictured below) and now it’s updating the range with some new additions for winter 2018.

Like last year, the items in the winter range also feature Mt Fuji, but now there are some very different images surrounding the iconic mountain, all depicted in a snow-filled environment. First up, we can see a pair of red-crowned Japanese cranes engaged in a ritual dance in some soft powder snow. These rare cranes mate for life, and are seen as a symbol of luck, longevity, and fidelity in Japan.

In the foreground are some bright red camellia flowers, sometimes referred to as the “Winter Rose” due to their blossoming period. Camellia are one of Japan’s most iconic flowers, and its oil is so nourishing it was used by geisha as a hair tonic.

Peering around the other side of the mug reveals a snow-topped castle, with kamakura snow igloos, a nabe hot pot dish (one of the most popular meals in winter), and a daruma doll, which is commonly purchased in January each year.

Last year’s You Are Here series consisted of two items – a full-sized mug and compact demitasse espresso cup – but this year they’ve added a stainless steel travel mug to the range as well.

The large mug retails for 1,800 yen (US$15.89), while the smaller demitasse espresso cup retails for 1,200 yen and the stainless steel tumbler retails for 4,000 yen. Each product comes with its own gift box, and will be on sale at Starbucks stores around Japan from 22 November to 14 February.

Source: Starbucks Japan Press Release
Featured image: Starbucks Japan Press Release
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