Anything that makes laundry more fun is more than welcome in our books.

Some of our readers may have seen the stop-motion anime Rilakkuma and Kaoru that premiered on Netflix on April 19.  Setting the question of Rilakkuma’s true identity aside, one of the scenes from the anime that we found particularly memorable was the one in which Rilakkuma’s full-suit costume, or kigurumi in Japanese, is being dried out after a wash.

▼ You can see them here in the preview shot, or at 0:25 in the trailer.

Well, if that scene captured your fancy, the “Rilakkuma Easy-Lazy Full-suit Costume Washing Bag” from Japanese shopping site Felissimo will let you recreate it to a delightful degree!

Here are the washing bags created in the shape of Rilakkuma’s full-suit costume:

You can use them like any ordinary washing bag to launder delicate material, and if you hang them to dry, it should feel like you have your own Rilakkuma living at your home just like in the anime! Plus, the attention to detail in recreating Rilakkuma’s costume, such as the zipper on the back and the inner material peeking through, should only add to that feeling.

The washing bags are not only cute to look at, but functional as well, made of non-transparent mesh material and designed with a zip-up cover as well as a handle for easy portability.

The bags are approximately 50.5 centimeters (20 inches) tall and between 35 centimeters to 55 centimeters (14 inches to 21.5 inches) wide, and can carry up to 6 kilograms (13 pounds) of weight. You can probably fit about two or three T-shirts in them, and they should come in handy for a short trip or a visit to the gym, as you can just throw them in the washing machine with all your dirty laundry inside once you get back home.

What makes the Rilakkuma washing bags even more fun is that you can purchase them as a monthly subscription and receive the same bag every month for 2,106 yen (US$19) each. Of course, you can order just once, or for as many months as you like until  you cancel. Sure, you might not need multiple Rilakkuma washing bags in the same design, but we have a feeling that seeing a few of them hung up together might bring some smiles and happiness.

▼ Are these the cutest washing bags ever or what?

Rilakkuma in sweet edible form or even a fancy teahouse theme is great, but we also think anything that makes laundry more enjoyable is pretty awesome too. So here’s a big thank you to Felissimo for giving us this fun yet practical item!

Source: PR TimesFelissimo
Images: Felissimo
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