This cat likes to pull peace poses, stand on two feet and make a living selling hot potatoes.

Back in 2014, we introduced you to one of the country’s cutest and most unusual cats. What really made this particular feline stand out however, was the fact that it liked to wear glasses, stand on two feet, and pose for photos by pulling its fingers into a peace sign.

Oh, and it also sold baked sweet potatoes.

Yes, this potato-selling feline attracted a lot of attention back when it was first discovered over five years ago. And now the cat has returned to the spotlight, thanks to this new video that went viral on Twitter last week, showing the cat tending to a couple of excited customers who had come to visit its sweet potato stand.

The cat is called Mikeneko Yamada, with mikeneko meaning “calico cat” in Japanese, and Yamada referring to the surname of the hooman inside the cat.

Mikeneko Yamada brings smiles to the faces of everyone it meets in its local city of Kurayoshi in Tottori Prefecture, where it sells ishiyaki-imo (stone-roasted potatoes) from the back of a truck.

While Mikeneko Yamada is well-known for serving up hot sweet potatoes, freshly roasted on stones inside the truck, it’s also known for looking like a giant cat, which is all thanks to the craftsmanship of its creator, who made the catsuit himself.

It appears that Mikeneko Yamada’s cute appeal has helped his potatoes sell like…well, hot potatoes, because his new truck is a step up from the bike-drawn cart he used when first starting up the business.

Not only does he look like a cat, but he acts like one too, moving his head in curious tilts and gazing up at customers with those big, love-me eyes.

These days, Mikeneko Yamada gets around in a yellow pussy wagon. Check out that grill!

If you’d like to bring smiles to the neighbourhood in a way only a giant cat can, Mikeneko Yamada will be able to kit you out with a handcrafted suit of your own. According to the cat’s Facebook account, each piece can be ordered separately, with prices starting at 10,000 yen (US$90.85) for a tail, and going up to 60,000 yen for a head, 150,000 yen for the body, and 250,000 yen for a complete suit.

If you’d like to like to meet the cat and try its hot potatoes, Mikeneko Yamada can be hard to track down out in the wild, but luckily for us, the cat’s daily locations can be found on its blog and Facebook page.

Hopefully Mikeneko won’t be crossing paths with this Shiba Inu dog and its sweet potato stall in the near future. There’s no telling what might go down if that happens!

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@sophisma5_6men
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