Monet’s Pond Cheesecake is our next dessert inspiration from Japan

Stunning dessert you can replicate at home.

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Invisible pie from Japan beautifully baffles the mind【Photos】

Tastes like lemons, looks like nothing else (and also nothing at all).

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Rainbow milk gelatin cake from Japan: Beautiful to look at, amazingly easy to make in your kitchen

If you’ve got a half hour or so, you’ve got enough time to make this stunning dessert.

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Mt. Fuji jelly makes Japan’s most famous mountain a delight to look at and taste!

One of Japan’s most recognizable symbols is now a beautiful, elegant dessert.  

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Eating a scoop of the night sky with Japan’s latest beautiful convenience store sweet【Taste Test】

We’ve always got space for dessert, and today we’ve got space for space dessert!

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DIY easy gelatin desserts are trending right now on Japanese Twitter

Jello, jelly, gelatin, …no matter what you call it, the light, refreshing dessert is popular around the world–and Japan is no exception.

Perhaps in the spirit of steadily rising temperatures, Japanese Twitter users have been pulling out all the creative stops by crafting summer gelatin desserts using whatever happens to be lying around the house as moulds, including tin cans, milk cartons, plastic bottles, and even yogurt containers. Get inspired to put your own creative culinary skills to use after the jump!

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Jellied Eggs, Pleasing to the Eye and Good for the Skin

Did you know that along with the ultra violet rays of the sun, summer heat reduces collagen in the skin?  We have enough to worry about with what aging does to our collagen reserves!  The winter provides lots of opportunity to boost collagen intake through eating gelatinous  ingredients like pork and chicken cartilaginous cuts of meat, in nabe, the hot-pot dish where everyone helps themselves while sitting around a steaming pot of simmering ingredients.  But who wants to eat nabe in summer!

Gelatin is the answer!  Gelatin consists of collagen and is used to gel things.  A web search for good gelatin recipes resulted in finding jellied eggs from this website, ediva, “Jellied Eggs: Great Recipe for Easter”.  Well it isn’t Easter but never mind,  jellied eggs can also be eaten in the hot summer, a cooling healthy treat. Read More