Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji is a series of 36 masterpieces by Katsushika Hokusai in the medium of ukiyoe woodblock printing. Even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, you certainly must have caught a glimpse of the iconic The Great Wave off Kanagawa (above) once or twice somewhere, or maybe you saw a Japanese passport encased in South Wind, Clear Sky.

A new non-profit organization with the aim of conserving the newly appointed World Heritage Site is using these famous pieces of art as the theme for a new fundraising campaign. However, instead of limiting themselves to woodblock prints, Thirty-Six [ _____ ] of Mt. Fuji Project is taking out the “Views” and opening it up to any form of artistic expression such as “Thirty-Six Songs of Mt. Fuji” or “Thirty-Six Sweets of Mt. Fuji”.

The wheels started turning on this project only when the World Heritage Status was given to Mt. Fuji. Already six categories of Mt. Fuji themed works were conceived with more on the way.

Thirty-Six Products of Mt Fuji

This category features various items all designed in a Mt. Fuji motif. Here you can find Mt. Fuji-shaped dresses, envelopes, umbrellas and more, all chosen by Yu Yamada, a well-respected buyer with a certain knack for Fuji-themed items.

Thirty-Six Books of Mt. Fuji

Here 36 ebooks based on the mountain will be available. The books are published by Kadokawa Minute Book based in the aptly named Fujimi (Fuji-view) area of Chiyoda, Tokyo. Currently 36 Tanka of Mt. Fuji by Akiyoshi Tanaka is available.

Thirty-Six Songs of Mt. Fuji

This section is managed by Tokyo FM, a radio station which has a history of Mt. Fuji-based conservation efforts and awareness-raising. So far no songs have been selected but they say that the first one will be released in September.

Thirty-Six Sweets of Mt. Fuji

How many ways can you make a cake in the shape of Mt. Fuji? Food wholesale website 47 Club hopes there are at least 36 as they choose their favorites for this section. Currently a Fujiffon Cake, Fuji Baumkuchen, and Fuji Shortbreads are available.

Thirty-Six T-Shirts of Mt. Fuji

And of course, who could forget the ancient traditional Japanese art of T-shirt printing!? Actually, sarcasm aside, the makers and designers of these T-shirts, Kume Textiles, have been in business since 1935 and probably have the strongest connection to Hokusai of the lot being based in his hometown of Sumida.

Thirty-Six Challenges of Mt. Fuji

Managed by the online charity fundraising website JustGiving this section will host 36 Mt. Fuji themed challenges which they hint may involve celebrity participation here and there.

In the case of all sections, and items purchased will go towards the Fuji Fund which was established to create the Fuji World Heritage Center (tentative name) planned to be built in both Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures.

All of this is just the beginning though, and with the open-ended theme of Thirty-Six [ _____ ] of Mt. Fuji the possibilities are endless. Thirty-Six Photographs of Mt. Fuji, Thirty-Six Shoes of Mt. Fuji, Thirty-Six Video Games of Mt. Fuji, Thirty-Six Ice Creams of Mt. Fuji

Source: Fugaku Sanjuroku [     ], Excite Bit (Japanese)
Top Image: Wikipedia