The limited-edition collection features doughnuts dressed up with M&M’s, Oreo biscuits and Hershey’s chocolates.

Krispy Kreme arrived in Japan ten years ago, in December 2006, setting up its very first store in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. On 3 January this year, that store shut its doors, marking the end of an era, and adding to the increasingly long list of Krispy Kreme store closures around the country. The doughnut and coffeehouse chain is hoping things will pick up in the near future, though, with a brand new limited-edition collection doing its very best to make lovers of sweets weak at the knees.


It’s the Sweet America range, which sees a trio of American-born brands coming out in support of the globally recognised doughnut chain. M&M’sOreo, and Hershey’s will all be making an appearance, and each of the limited-edition offerings look so good we can’t pick a favourite out of the line-up!

First up is the “Sweet America Hershey“, which ups the chocolate content with a coating of white chocolate on a fried ring of bitter chocolate dough. The classy looking doughnut is topped off with a drizzling of milk chocolate and a cluster of nibs perched on its surface. According to the company, this treat has a subdued sweetness which is perfect for adult tastes.


The more colourful “Sweet America M&M’s” pops with a dozen button-shaped candy-coated chocolates, set on a classic doughnut topped with luxurious dark chocolate. The chewy texture of the doughnut is said to act as a nice contrast to the crispy chocolate pieces, creating a fun and delicious combination.



The “Sweet America Oreo” is a feast for the eyes as well as the belly, with an entire topping made from the well-known vanilla cream usually found inside Oreo biscuits. A sprinkling of crumbled Oreo cookies provides a nice crunchy texture to the treat, which comes complete with a mini Oreo biscuit and a white chocolate drizzle.


While the doughnuts will retail for 230 yen (US$1.98) each, they can also be purchased as part of an “American Dozen” for 2,000 yen, which will also include four original glazed doughnuts, and two topped with bright candy sprinkles, to add to the festive nature of the limited-time colaboration.



Available from 1 February to 21 March, these will see you right through Valentine’s Day, and will hopefully be followed up with a cute collection of bunnies and eggs for Easter!

Source: Krispy Kreme Press Release
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