Pikachu and dozens of other Pocket Monsters species are here to give your feet some flair.

Pokémon really takes the “multi” part of being a multimedia franchise seriously. It’s not only a video game series, but an anime one, and then there’re the various manga adaptations and the collectible trading cards. In recent years, it’s even branched out into fashion, with an entire range of stylish dress shirts.

Of course, no matter how stylish your top is, walking around barefoot will ruin your stylish image, so now here comes Adidas with a new line of Pokémon shoes!

The most obvious nod to the Pocket Monster pantheon comes with the Pikachu Advantage model (5,489 yen [US$4990]), which bears a retro bit-map graphic of the franchise mascot at the back.

Around the edge of the ankle opening there’s a variety-packed but subtle salute to the rest of the Pokédex, once again in old-school renderings.

Speaking of ankles, if you need more support there, this Hoops Mid 2.0 (6,039 yen) is for you.

Around the back, you’ll find original starters Bulbasaur and Charmander, plus the eminently marketable Eevee.

But just as many would argue that Pikachu is the true soul of Pokémon, the soles of these kicks are reserved for an abstract pattern that immediately brings the Electric-type and his lightning bolts to mind.

And finally, if you want lots of Pokémon but very few colors, this subtle Advantage model (8,789 yen) keeps your fandom on the literal down-low until someone takes a close look at them.

The asymmetrical design puts different Pocket Monster species on different sides of the shoe, with Pikachu leading the way…

…and Psyduck bringing up the rear

▼ Adidas is also rolling out a selection of Pokémon T-shirts

The trio of Pokémon sneakers is available now through Adidas Japan’s online store here, or, if you prefer to search for them in the wild like you’re hunting rare Pokémon species, at Pokémon Center superstores, as well as branches of Sports Authority, Asbee, and Greenbox in Japan. Oh, and if you’re wondering what sort of socks to wear with them, these would be the best choice.

Source: PR Times, Adidas
Featured image: Adidas
Top image: PR Times
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