From busty cleavage to flat chest in seconds.

Ever since bras were invented, the aim of the brassiere has always been to provide support and comfort. In recent years, though, there’s been a shift in popularity towards enhancing the size of a woman’s bust, with push-up styles and padding to create the perfect cleavage.

So when we heard about a breast-flattening bra from Japan that offers what many others don’t, it immediately piqued our interest.

Called the Petamune Maker (“petamune” translates to “flat breasts”), the innovative bra is manufatured and sold by Japanese company Grand Bleu’s Hadakakushi division, which usually specialises in adhesive patches and sleeves designed to conceal rashes, scars, and tattoos.

The Petamune Maker is said to flatten B-H cup breasts, pushing them down so that they’re hardly visible.

The before-and-after shots above are certainly impressive, but given that these are photos taken by the company to promote the product, we couldn’t help but wonder if the effects would be equally as impressive front-on and in real-life.

Here to lay our uncertainties to rest is Japanese cosplayer and Twitter user @shiomi333871, who recently went viral with her own before-and-after shots using the product.

The image on the top right of the tweet below shows @shiomi333871’s bosom on a regular day, while the image on the bottom right shows how it looks with the Petamune Maker.

The change from noticeable cleavage to flat chest is dramatic, and Twitter users agreed, saying:

“I wasn’t sure about this product but after seeing this before-and-after I’m converted!”
“I bought one of these too and was so surprised by the results. Plus, it doesn’t feel tight to wear.”
“I wear this with kimono and it makes the lines of the clothing look neat and smart.”
“This would be useful when wearing a yukata summer kimono!”
“I need one of these to stop the shirt button from popping on my chest.”
“This is perfect not just for cosplayers but big-breasted women who want to exercise with maximum support.”

As the comments show, there are a wide range of uses for the bra in making everyday activities more enjoyable, from cosplaying through to exercising and traditional events where kimono are worn.

Wearers say the bra isn’t just dramatic in its chest-flattening abilities, but incredibly comfortable too. The Petamune Maker can be purchased online from the Hadakakushi site for 3,036 yen (US$28.44) or at sites like Rakuten and Amazon Japan.

And in case you’re in the mood to boost your bust rather than flatten it, Japan has you covered there too.

Source: Hachima KikouHadakakushi via PR Times
Featured image: Pakutaso
Insert images: Hadakakushi
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