Mario Kart apparel line pulls into Uniqlo just in time for Christmas【Photos】

Tie-up with Nintendo’s racing hit has T-shirt and power-up hoodies.

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Uniqlo’s new Dragon Ball T-shirts and hoodies modeled for the first time【Photos】

A massive batch of photos shows off the Japanese brand’s latest foray into anime apparel.

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Samurai Armor Hoodies smash crowdfunding goal, now available to preorder for a limited time

Even if you didn’t back their campaign, these awesome pieces of bushido fashion can now be yours.

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Awesome Samurai Armor Hoodies are looking to conquer the whole world/keep you warm

But first they need your help in their crowdfunding campaign.

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Samurai parkas for men feature traditional washi Japanese paper details

Release your bushido spirit with this stunning new lineup of traditional outfits made for today’s modern man.

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Get a massage on the go with a smartphone-controlled AiraWear massage hoodie

Don’t have the cash or time for an appointment with a masseuse? No worries; this new massage hoodie promises to work out your knots while you sit back and relax.

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Samurai hoodies are a Bushido blend of old-school style and modern fashion 【Photos】

When you think about it, a topknot hairstyle really would have you wanting some way to keep your head warm in winter.

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From crim to cute: Japanese “Hooded Girls” transform the once-feared hoodie image 【Pics】

Up until recently, the hood was mostly a taboo clothing item in Japan. The common thinking was that only criminals and people who had something to hide would wear a hood over their head while out and about on a perfectly clear day. Anyone who bought a hoodie or sweatshirt was doomed to leave the hood unused, dangling lifelessly behind them.

But thanks to the power of the internet, a new trend in Japan is spreading: “hooded girls,” basically just photos of girls wearing hoodies with *gasp!* their hoods up. Because nothing turns something from kowai (scary) to kawaii (cute) faster than pretty girls on Twitter.

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Stand tall with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure hoodies

With JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders available streaming and in print, fans everywhere are undoubtedly excited to see all of the Stands, supernatural powers that can protect and fight for their users.

Thanks to Japanese clothing brand BEAMS, fans can now become their favorite Stands with special, full zip-up Stardust Crusader hoodies. Or, at least three of the Stands. For the time being, hoodies come as either Jotaro Kujo’s Star Platinum, Noriaki Kakyoin’s Hierophant Green, and Jean Pierre Polnareff’s Silver Chariot.

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