This cat cafe brand wants you to use the tender, firm touch of a cat’s paw to avoid germs.

Neco Republic is one of Japan’s most respected cat cafe chains, and one with a heartwarming mission. Their business goal is to eliminate cat culling in Japan by changing attitudes about shelter cats and raising awareness of how many stray cats in Japan are forcibly euthanized.

While the cafes themselves go a long way towards promoting this goal, Neco Republic also has its own brand — NecoRepa — where they run all manner of commercial projects in the interest of boosting the public image of kitties.

Their latest idea? Finger masks!

▼ Introducing Yubi-Mask Yubimori (Finger Mask Finger Forest).

Mori can also refer to an earthy, whimsical aesthetic that these soft, mild colored fabrics will complement perfectly. Each finger cover is made out of a 50-percent polyester, 5-percent acrylic, and 40-percent cotton blend, and comes in a variety of colors designed to replicate the patterns of fur on five different cat breeds.

▼ The breeds represented are Siamese, American Shorthair, Singapura, Russian Blue, and Scottish Fold.

“Why in the world would I buy a mask just for my fingers?” You may well ask. Well, considering our heightened awareness of personal hygiene and the spread of germs in the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become much more careful about who else might have touched this door handle, or that communal key. Some wear gloves to minimize skin contact, but taking gloves everywhere can feel bulky and inconvenient; especially if the gloves in question can’t register on phone touch screens.

NecoRepa’s finger masks are a lightweight, easy-to-use alternative. Simply pop them on your thumb and forefinger before touching a communal surface, then tuck them back in your bag when you’re done. The covers are knitted with conductive yarn, meaning you can operate touchscreens without any issue.

▼ Open convenience store fridges without fear!

A cut from the revenue goes back into Neco Republic’s cafes and related cat-defending efforts, too, and the covers are perfectly washable for re-use. They’re one-size-fits-all, whether your fingers are long, wide, stubby, or slender; however, the sales website does caution that some shrinkage and twisting from the fabric may occur while washing.

▼ Touchscreens are no issue.

The covers are on sale at Neco Republic facilities individually for 1,500 yen (US$14) or as a set of five for 5,900 yen, and the full set can also be ordered online here They make a great, thoughtful gift, whether for you or one of your cat-obsessed friends. And if you have some spare cat dollars tucked away, now is the perfect time to make use of them!

Source: NecoRepa via IT Media
Images: NecoRepa

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