Pikachu zaps some serious cuteness into these bags, and we wholeheartedly approve! 

French luxury brand Longchamp recently announced the launch of their new “Longchamp x Pokémon” collection line, and we have to say Pikachu-infused high-fashion is a look we can easily fall in love with.

While collaborations between manga/anime/game franchises and luxury brands are not uncommon, it’s always a thrill to see our favorite characters featured on exclusive products.

▼ It’s certainly hard not to love bags that look like these.

Let’s take a look at the items in closer detail.

● Le Pliage® Collection Pokémon 

This collection includes both bags and small accessories. Below you can see the selection of eight nylon bags designed with the LONGCHAMP letters and of course, a plethora of adorable small Pikachu prints.

From top to bottom, left to right, the bags available are: (1) Top Handle Bag (20,000 yen, US$190), (2) Backpack (26,000 yen), (3) Shoulder Bag (29,000 yen), (4) Pouch Bag (33,000 yen), (5) Cross Body Bag (34,000 yen), (6) Travel Bag (40,000 yen), (7) Coin Purse (7,000 yen) and (8) Pouch (10,000 yen).

They also have some lovely accessories as well:

The iPhone case, made for an iPhone11, costs 9,000 yen, while the two key rings are both priced at 13,000 yen. There is apparently also a 50 centimeter by 50 centimeter (roughly 20 inch by 20 inch) scarf costing 10,000 yen in the collection, a picture of which has not been included in the material released so far.

● Le Pliage® Collection Pokémon (Original Design)

This nylon shoulder bag (19,000 yen) in an original design features Pikachu wearing a jockey cap in a pose imitating Longchamp’s iconic horse symbol.

● Le Pliage® Cuir Pokémon (Limited Edition Model)

This eye-catching leather top handle bag (59,000 yen) features Pikachu adorably hiding behind the Longchamp “L” and is limited to 500 bags world-wide, each with a unique serial number.  

● Le Pliage® Cuir Pokémon

This line of leather bags comes in three colors and four styles, all decorated with an embossed Pikachu design. The available styles from top to bottom are: (1) Small Top Handle Bag (62,000 yen), (2) Large Top Handle Bag (71,000 yen), (3) Backpack (77.000 yen) and (4) Travel Bag (119,000 yen). As an added detail, the three colors the bags come in — black, red and white — have been selected in the image of a Pokéball.

▼ Yup, we could never get tired of looking at these lovely bags!

The Longchamp x Pokémon collection is scheduled to be released internationally on October 14, but for those of you who can’t wait, the items will be available for advance purchase from October 9 in Japan at the Longchamp La Maison Omotesando and Ginza locations as well as Longchamp Japan’s online store.

After October 14, the items will be available in Japan also at Longchamp stores nation-wide as well as the Pokémon Center Shibuya store and the Pokémon Center online store in addition to the above venues.

There will also be pop-up stores for the collection at the La Foret Harajuku shopping center (October 14-26), the Hankyu Umeda Department Store (October 14-20), and the JR Nagoya Takashimaya Department Store (October 14-20).

▼ That “L” has to be for the love we’re feeling for that Pikachu bag.

While these Longchamp bags may be pricier than some of the other collaborative Pokémon fashion items we’ve seen before, we’ll still look forward to seeing the actual products in-store once they come out next month. Once again, we’re impressed with your unfailing ability to ooze limitless cuteness, Pikachu!

Source, images: PR Times
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