A new form for the anime heroine’s costume means a new line from the series’ intimate apparel partner.

The upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal anime movie’s title is appropriate in a number of ways. As a retelling of the original manga’s Dream arc/1990s anime’s Sailor Moon SuperS segment, it’s a testament to the timeless appeal of that portion of the story, and with Eternal’s premier date having been pushed back from last September 11 to January 8, it also works as an unplanned tip of the hat to the franchise’s patient and dedicated fans.

So it’s fitting that the release of Sailor Moon Eternal is also connected to another show of devotion, with the release of a new line of Sailor Senshi-themed lingerie from longtime creative partner Peach John.

Starting things off are the Sailor Moon Eternal Transformation (“Narikiri”) Bra Sets. In addition to bra and panties, they come bundled with skirt, collar/shoulder accouterment, back bow, and choker ribbon, matching the Super-form designs of Sailors Moon and Chibi Moon (6,980 yen [US$66] for each set).

If you want a more subtle nod to your Sailor Moon fandom, there’s the Sailor Moon Eternal Non-wire Bra Set (3,980 yen) with lace accents depicting the Crisis Moon Compact, Chibi Moon Compact, and Silver Crystal.

Similar aesthetics are employed in the comfort-oriented Peasy001 Sailor Moon Eternal bra top (2,280 yen).

Of course, while Sailor Moon is the star of the series, she’s far from its only popular character, so just like the anime, Peach John’s lingerie line is an ensemble cast, with all of the Inner Senshi represented with their own pair of Sailor Moon Eternal Make-up Panties (1,480 yen each), which feature lace trim and a decorative ribbon print on the back.

Rounding out the collection is the Sailor Moon Eternal Lingerie Set (3,980 yen), a two-piece ensemble drawing inspiration from the gown the heroine wears in her Princess Serenity persona…

…and the vaguely-named Sailor Moon Eternal Set-up (3,980 yen), a roomwear set evocative of ordinary schoolgirl Usagi’s school uniform from the part of the series in which Eternal takes place.

The entire collection, which is part of Peach John’s Girls by Peach John sub-brand, goes on sale January 27 both in Peach John shops and through the company’s online store, as well as the Bandai Fashion Collection online marketplace.

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Source: Bandai Fashion Collection, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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