Nintendo is suing Bowser to stop his latest evil plan

King of the Koopas remains in fine legal standing, but someone with his namesake is headed to the courtroom.

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You can power-up your stomach with Super Mario breads at Japanese convenience stores

7-Eleven is ready to serve Nintendo fans Bowser-breath fried chicken and non-peach Princess Peach desserts.

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Bowser officially controls Nintendo with promotion to company president

Forget King Koopa, and say hello to President Bowser.

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It turns out Nintendo had their own version of Bowsette all along, and now she’s got fan art too!

Recent reveal of concept art means the “sexy Bowser” family continues to grow.

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Magical combination of Princess Peach and Bowser/King Koopa has hearts racing and pencils flying.

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Chinese Super Mario: Wonderful Things Can Happen When Martial Arts Meet Mushrooms

OK, Rocketeers, the first person who can count the number of times I’ve mentioned Super Mario in my articles since joining the RocketNews24 crew gets a prize!*

Maybe it’s because I grew up with the games; maybe it’s because I wanted an NES for so, so long but had to be content with occasional two-minute stints on my friend’s console until my parents finally caved in and bought me one years later…

Whatever the reason, Super Mario is kinda my thing. So when my editor mentioned that someone had made “a Chinese Mario movie”, I was on it in a flash.

This movie is immensely silly, and it’s not Super Mario Bros. But even so, it is kind of wonderful…

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