This is the “hottest beef wall” ever made by the chain.

Burger King has been shouldering its way to the front of the competition in Japan recently, with impressive new creations covering everything from chip butties through to plant-based Whoppers.

In between all the new releases, the chain has given birth to a new one-pound beef burger series so massive it’s threatened even the most seasoned of meat eaters in Japan. Starting back in September, the series kicked off with the Maximum Super One Pound Beef Burger and was quickly followed by the Extreme One Pound Burger, with meat in place of buns, in November.

That wasn’t the end of the one-pounders, though, because today Burger King revealed a new instalment in the series: the Strong Magma Super One Pound Beef Burger.

This four-patty monstrosity looks set to be big on beef AND spice, as it contains super spicy garlic flakes covered in “Nihon ichi karai ougon ichimi” (“The spiciest golden flavouring in Japan“) by Kyoto’s Gion Ajiko.

▼ The new burger’s red-hot garlic pieces (pictured below) previously starred in the Spicy Yakuyoke Whopper released to ward off evil over New Year.

The Strong Magma Super One Pound Beef Burger contains a hefty 1,483 kilocalories and weighs in at 517 grams (1.14 pounds), with the beef making up 499 grams of that total. The ingredients, listed from top to bottom in the image below, include:

  • a toasted sesame seed bun
  • onion (freshly cut in-store daily)
  • original hot and tasty spicy sauce
  • four flame-grilled 100-percent beef patties
  • garlic flakes containing Nihon ichi karai ougon ichimi
  • two rich cheddar cheese slices
  • a bun that can soak up all the meat juices from the four patties

This limited-time burger is recommended for “those who like spicy foods and who want to eat a burger filled with spiciness, deliciousness, and volume.” Burger King also suggests eating the top half and the bottom half in turn so you can enjoy the taste of the different layers, and customers will be able to request a “half-cut” at the counter, which will result in a vertical cut being made down the middle for easier eating.

▼ Everyone who orders a Strong Magma will also receive a free sticker, while stocks last, to commemorate the experience.

The new burger will retail for 1,380 yen (US$13.01) on its own, or 1,680 yen as part of a set that includes a medium-sized drink and fries, and will be available for 14 days only, from 26 February to 11 March, or until stocks last.

It’s said to be “the hottest beef wall” yet in Burger King’s one-pound burger series, so we’re going to take everything we learned from our experience eating the Spicy Yakuyoke Burger and bring it to the table when we wrap our jaws around this new release. Watch this space for our review, coming soon!

Source, images: PR Times
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