French fry filling isn’t the only thing that makes this limited-time special so tasty.

Burger King has been impressing its customers in Japan recently, stepping outside the regular menu with some fantastic limited-time offers covering everything from Ghost Whoppers through to all-you-can-eat mega burgers.

So when we heard that one of the big burger chains had created a “Fake Burger” and announced its release with a mosaic censoring its ingredients, we weren’t half surprised to hear it had come from the creative gurus at Burger King.

Then they went and revealed that the new item wasn’t going to be a vegan-friendly fake beef offering as many had suspected, but a Burger King take on a…

Chip butty!

That’s right — instead of containing a traditional patty, the Fake Burger comes with a handful of French fries stuffed in its centre.

▼ The Fake Burger costs 290 yen (US$2.75) on its own or can be purchased as a set from 590 yen.

For our Japanese-language reporter K.Masami, who’d never had a potato chip butty nor a fry-filled burger in her life, this was a rare offering that she desperately wanted to try. And while anyone can stuff chips inside a fast food sandwich, there’s something extra exciting about an official French Fry burger, especially when it comes with a special meat sauce topping.

▼ Kinda like cheesy fries, but with burger buns on either side so you can stuff it inside your gob with both hands.

The meat sauce contains a mixture of mayonnaise and 100-percent beef mince, and French fry lovers will be thrilled to know the burger can be ordered as part of a set that contains…you guessed it — a side of chips.

Masami ordered a set with a medium-sized drink and potato fries and sat down to enjoy her carb-on-carb-on-carb extravaganza. The first thing she noticed about the new menu item was how few ingredients it contained — there was nothing inside but meat sauce and chips.

▼ No pickles, lettuce, or thick-cut tomatoes here.

Limiting the burger filling to just two main ingredients is a bold move by Burger King, but it’s certainly paid off. The sauce has a fantastic smokiness to it that pairs perfectly with the fries, allowing the two ingredients to enhance each other deliciously in every bite.

▼ So how good was it, Masami?

Masami says she really loved the soft, chewy texture, which was kind of like eating a croquette burger…only better. She gives the Fake Burger two big big thumbs up, and now that she’s finally gotten a taste of how good fries can taste in between two buns, she says she’ll be sneaking a few fries into all her burgers in future.

The Fake Burger is only available for a limited time until 5 November. Who knows what the fast food giant will come up with next — maybe a burger with blueberry sauce, or one with mush’n’cheese? Oh wait, they already did that back in 2014!

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