Often overshadowed by chains like McDonald’s and Mos Burger in terms of business, Japan’s plucky fast food restaurant Dom Dom Burger is a beast when it comes to originality and daring, whether it’s with their whole soft-shelled crab burger or hamburger with two pucks of camembert cheese as buns.

Now, they’ve come up with the Teritama Chicken and Fresh Vegetable Sandwich, for 580 yen (US$5.40). Compared to those other burgers we just mentioned, the name isn’t terribly adventurous, with “teritama” a fairly common style of burger in Japan that uses teriyaki sauce and fried egg as toppings, and at first glance this sandwich might not look like much either.

But upon closer inspection you might notice that this sandwich doesn’t use just conventional bread. Those are Yamazaki’s Lunch Packs holding everything together! Lunch Packs are sealed bread sandwiches sold in pretty much every convenience store and supermarket in the country and with almost every conceivable filling.

▼ Lunch Pack (Egg Flavored) is the flavor used here

Dom Dom Burger has teamed up with one of Japan’s most widely consumed snack foods to create an unprecedented masterpiece in the sandwich arts. Even at face value, it’s a solid meal with juicy chicken, sweet and creamy cheese and mayo, crispy lettuce and tangy tomato.

However, unlike other teritama sandwiches, there is no egg on the meat here.

That’s because it’s inside the Lunch Pack that Dom Dom so graciously gave a light toasting to for maximum enjoyment.

Once you reach the center, Lunch Pack’s famous lightly seasoned egg – warmed from the toasting – fully emerges and blends with all that other greatness within, creating an overwhelming combination of deliciousness.

It’s such a simple idea that a college kid in a dorm could have come up with it – and probably has in some form or another. But it’s flawless in execution and opens up a whole other world of possibilities thanks to the seemingly endless varieties of Lunch Pack out there.

I’m thinking a nice Roast Beef and Ramen Lunch Pack Sandwich might work, or we could get really crazy and pull a Baskin Robbins’ Berry Berry Strawberry Lunch Pack Cheeseburger, and it’s all thanks to the intrepid crew at Dom Dom Burger who opened this Pandora’s box of makeshift cuisine to the masses.

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