When you can’t go out during the pandemic, this company will bring the terror to you. 

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic threw us all into a new normal last year, the demand for home deliveries has gone through the roof, with everyone from 7-Eleven to macho deliverymen scrambling to bring their services to our door.

Now, as the weather heats up, one company that usually makes a killing during the summer holidays has also decided to adapt their services for home delivery, and it’s an offer like none we’ve ever seen before. In what’s being billed as a Japan-first, haunted house design company Kowagarasetai (“Scaring Corps”) will be bringing their haunted house to your house, in the form of a “Scream Ambulance”.

▼ The “Screambulance“.

A bloody ambulance staffed by zombie-like staff is the last thing you want to see during a pandemic, which is what makes this haunted house delivery service such a genius idea.

▼ The ambulance will turn up and park outside your home at a pre-designated time, ready to scare the bejesus out of you, and probably your neighbours as well.

The ambulance’s interior is dark and frightening, with medical equipment hanging from the ceiling, stained sheets covering God-knows-what and blood…so much blood.

▼ The company aims to deliver “the most terrifying experience in your own private space, a tiny horror space“.

The audio system inside the ambulance plays sounds recorded with the latest 3-D sound recording microphone, the KU100, which has shockingly realistic spatial depiction, making it feel as if someone is actually next to you in the vehicle. 

▼ Various other “horrors” are said to occur once you’re inside

The “Screambulance” is said to have been designed with coronavirus countermeasures in mind, as each booking is completely non-contact and for the exclusive use of your party (you and up to five friends). Plus, the vehicle is completely sanitised and ventilated between each use by the company’s “elite horror team”.

▼ “Come inside, it’s clean, I promise…”

Whether you choose to enter a bloody ambulance during a pandemic is entirely up to you, but the Scaring Corps do have a wealth of experience in planning socially distanced horror events, having given us the world’s first drive-in haunted house last summer

The Screambulance can be booked online now for any location within the 23 wards of Tokyo, with each booking lasting 15 minutes, for up to six people, at a total cost of 9,000 yen (US$82.51). The service will begin from 1 July.

Source, images: PR Times
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