This Question Block holds the greatest power-up of all: cold drinks!

Super Mario really doesn’t get enough credit for what an active lifestyle he leads. Sure, his rotund physique might make you think he’s a couch potato, but the guy actually spends the majority of his time running, jumping, and doing other intense physical exercise, much of it in or on the forests, mountains, and beaches of the Mushroom Kingdom and other adventurous locales.

So if you’re taking a page from Mario’s playbook and planning to spend the summer outdoors, Nintendo wants to make sure you’re adequately outfitted with its new line of Super Mario outdoor leisure goods.

Starting things off is the Question Block Cooler Bag, designed to keep your beverages and other real-world power-ups properly insulated. You don’t have to punch it to open it, as there’s a zipper running around the top, and it’s large enough to hold nine 500-mililiter (16.9-ounce) drink bottles, but can also fold flat once you’ve emptied it.

If you’re carrying your cooler to the park for a picnic, you’ll want to take this mysterious-looking item with you…

…since it unfolds into a padded cushion to sit on!

Alternatively, if you want to be up off the ground, there’s a Question Block Folding Stool too, which is compact enough to fit into a handy carrying bag when not in use.

Of course, being out in the summer sun is no fun without a way to keep yourself cool. To that end, Nintendo has two Cool Towels that you moisten for a comforting chill showcasing an 8-bit-style stages (and guest-starring Luigi).

Or, if you want to go the old-school Japanese route, you can pick between two folding fan patterns.

The water level fan looks especially soothing with some late afternoon sunlight filtering through the fabric…

…while the Koopa Castle one gives you a fire chain strap to make Mario’s jump even more death-defying.

The three-section neck pouch is useful for holding your passes and spending money for any music festivals, sporting events, or anime conventions you might be planning to attend.

▼ The clever three-section design unfolds to simulate Mario punching the block and a mushroom rising from it.

And rounding out the lineup is this stainless steel drink bottle with a Lakitu strap.

The whole collection is available through the Nintendo online store here, with prices ranging from 1,110 yen (US$10.60) for the cool towels up to 3,520 yen for the Question Block Cooler Bag. And if you’re looking for some special apparel to wear on your excursions, don’t forget about those new Super Mario-themed summer kimono.

Source: PR Times
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