Not fish and chips, now the fish is the chips!

The gaming world has certainly come into its own and businesses have responded by offering just about any product under the sun suited to gamer needs, from gamer-wear to gamer apartments. Of course, the specific dietary needs of gaming need to be met as well, and here to help on that end is Gaming SABACHi.

SBACHi is a portmanteau of “saba” which is a type of mackerel often eaten in Japan, and “chips” which are also known as “crisps” in fancier parts of the world. Therefore, this brand new product is basically mackerel chips made up of 70 percent fish.

Mackerel was presumably chosen because it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA to help keep your brain one step ahead of opponents and calcium to keep your bones strong so nothing breaks while button mashing. Another factor for the choice must have been the fact that “saba” and “server” sound almost identical in Japanese and is a common pun.

At the moment only one flavor will be available, but it is called Brain Revolution Flavor, which is quite likely the coolest name for chip flavor I ever heard. Brain Revolution is said to be eight parts garlic and two parts soy sauce, but the makers at Ajigen and GameWith say that the original flavor of mackerel remains uncompromised.

And gracing the bag of Gaming SABACHi is none other than Nephrite, a popular game streamer who also holds a world record for 31 consecutive wins in Fortnite solo on Chapter One, Season Seven among other honors.

▼ I always tell my kids to practice games hard and one day they might be on the SABACHi bag like Nephrite.

Gaming SABACHi is set to hit supermarket and drug store shelves all over Japan from 5 September. They’re expected to sell for about 270 yen (US$2) a bag while supplies last and quite honestly look like a nice snack regardless of whether you’re playing games or not.

And if you’re wondering what to wash those down with, look no further than Gaming Rainbow sake that is also coming out in stores just in time on 27 August. Granted, that would probably undo some of the neurological benefits of the chips, but you don’t want to get too smart and start overthinking things in the heat of gaming.

Source. images: @Press
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