We create an apple pie inception that’s as ill-advised as it is appetizing.

The word “inception” means literally “the starting point”. Its pop culture usage, however, is rooted in Christopher Nolan’s stylish 2010 thriller Inception, a heist movie set in dreamscapes that used many directing tips from Satoshi Kon’s Paprika. Nolan’s movie actually also uses “inception” to refer to a “starting point,” as the characters travel down many layers of their mark’s subconscious so that they can plant an idea so deep that he will believe he thought it up himself.

Nowadays, though, the word is also used to refer to a thing that’s inside another version of the same thing or a recursive image like an endless mirror.

But today we have great news for prescriptive and descriptive linguists alike! Not only did we create a “starting point” for a brand new, shocking cuisine, but we used the recursive object-within-a-same-object technique to do so. Allow us to introduce the primary ingredient in this bold new dessert…an Imuraya Gororon Kaniku Apple Pie Bar ice cream bar.

As he already expressed in the above article, our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun would be willing to pay 250 or even 300 yen (US$2.28 to US$2.74) for this delicious apple-custard frozen treat. It actually costs just 150 yen (US$1.37) to secure one of these soft, rich ice cream bars. It’s loaded with crisp apples, sweet apple sauce, and pieces of pie crust, with the whole product robed in a tasty, creamy custard ice cream coating.

But as delicious as it was, P.K. wasn’t satisfied. No. He had to go deeper.

Enter the second ingredient: a slice of apple pie. You can find many different kinds of these at Japanese grocery stores, but P.K. recommends the Yamazaki brand in particular.

Now, pay close attention. Push the sides of the apple pie inwards to create a “mouth”.

Carefully insert the ice cream into the apple pie’s gaping maw…

Then hold the whole thing together as you pull the stick loose.

Now for the magic: put it in your toaster oven and toast it for a minute.


Why does P.K. prefer the Yamazaki brand over other apple pie products? Firstly, it has notches that make it easier to insert the ice cream. And second, it is just the right size to contain one Imuraya Apple Pie Bar ice cream. It fits so perfectly together that he had to wonder if the Apple Pie Bar wasn’t concocted especially to pull off this feat of sugary wonder.

How does it taste? Well, it’s a gently toasted apple pie with multiple layers of caramelized apples, sauce, pie crust, and cold custard ice cream recurring throughout. How do you think it tastes?

▼ It should be a crime to taste this good.

As you continue to eat it, the ice cream will melt and soak into the surrounding crust. Yes, to top it all off, this dessert evolves as you take the time to eat it! As we head into the autumn months, this is one treat you absolutely owe yourself to try. And since you’ll be heading out to the store to load up on apple pie products, why not buy some autumnal sweet potato treats as well?

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