Now you don’t have to get out of bed, or even exert the effort to sit up, to get back to gaming.

A while back, Japanese gaming peripheral/furniture maker Bauhutte realized that as nice as gaming chairs and desks are, what we all really want is a gaming bed. So that’s what they made, designing a sleeping space that slots into their other gaming interior arrays, and it looked like we’d pretty much achieved the zenith of gaming furniture evolution.

But we were wrong, as once again Bauhutte has found a way to make your gaming sessions even more luxuriously lazy. Behold: the Electric Gaming Bed!

Actually, a better translation of its Japanese product name, (“Dendou Gaming Bed”) would probably by “Motorized Gaming Bed,” because it’s the motion, more so than the power source, that makes it special.

While the idea behind the Gaming Bed is to facilitate spending an entire day gaming, Bauhutte realizes you probably don’t want to spend that whole day in the prone position. If you’re going into an intense boss fight, though, or need to scoop instant ramen into your mouth, you’re going to want to sit up, and you can pass those kinetic duties off to the Electric Gaming Bed with the push of a button.

As shown in the video here, the Electric Gaming Bed has an attached controller that you can use to raise the lengthwise ends of the bedframe, giving yourself a backrest or elevated footrest. There’s even a single button you can press to raise both simultaneously, a feature that’s sure to be appreciated by speedrunners.

▼ The back can be raised up to a 60-degree angle, and the thigh support section to 35 degrees.

The steel frame measures 199 centimeters (78.3 inches) long by 94 wide, and can supports sleepers/gamers of up to 200 kilograms (441 pounds). Adjustable risers give you 13.8, 20, or 28.5 centimeters of floor clearance.

You also get a pouch for the controller that you can clip to the side of the frame, because having to get up and go search for it would defeat the whole purpose of a bed that supposed to do your moving for you.

▼ The Electric Gaming Bed looks to be the same size as the non-motorized version, which would mean it should work just as well with the full Bauhutte gaming interior.

Because of its reconfigurability the Electric Gaming Bed requires a mattress that’s more pliable than standard models. Bauhutte itself has a compatible Gaming Mattress that’s offered as a bundle with the Electric Gaming Bed on Amazon Japan here for 83,398 yen (US$673), while the bed by itself is priced at 59,800 yen.

Source: Bauhutte via Otakomu
Top image: Bauhutte
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