This easy food hack from Japan is just waiting to go viral.

As we reported last week, following the accounts of Japanese food producers can have its benefits. So far, these accounts have taught us how to make bizarre creations we never would’ve thought to make, like mochi ice cream on cheese toast and roasted persimmons.

Now, Meiji is wowing everyone with a new food hack that’s got everyone buying their “Bulgaria” brand of thick yoghurt, thanks to a recent tweet showing us how to make Neruneru Yoghurt.

In Japan “neruneru”, which comes from the word “neru” (“to knead”), refers to the action of kneading, and in this case, the “kneading” turns a bowl of yoghurt into a thick and stretchy paste that looks like slime!

All you need for the magic transformation are two ingredients: Meiji’s Bulgaria Yoghurt (or any thick yoghurt) and potato starch.

Simply add 10 grams (0.35 ounces) of potato starch to 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of yoghurt

▼…and mix the two together.

Be sure to mix quickly to avoid lumps, then heat in the microwave at 600 Watts for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Once it comes to a boil, take it out…

▼ …and mix it further, over and over until…

▼ …it becomes a stretchy paste!

According to the official recipe, mixing it “38 times” should get the mixture to stretch, but the more you mix, the better it stretches.

▼ Our reporter Masanuki Sunakoma kept mixing and mixing for several minutes — look at the result!

Meiji suggests adding your favourite toppings and you can even mix some colouring in to get a real slime-like look.

▼ Masanuki added some blue-coloured kakigori syrup, usually used on shaved ice desserts…

▼ …and it worked a treat!

Masanuki felt like a kid again as he played with his food, admiring the gorgeous look of the stretchy blue yoghurt he’d just made.

Because he’s a good kid who was always taught to share, Masanuki called his mate Go Hatori over to join in the fun, and he too, connected with his inner child as he gazed in wonder at the Neruneru Yoghurt.

Go was so excited that he found himself lifting a spoonful of slime towards his mouth. It tasted like…a mouthful of fun! It was a party on his tongue, as the flavour of yoghurt permeated his taste buds with a texture he’d never experienced before — it was thick and delightfully slimy, and a little crunchy as well, seeing as some bits of potato starch hadn’t been mixed in thoroughly.

Upon hearing this, Masanuki resolved to improve his technique, trying it out again and again, and with different toppings as well.

▼ Left to right: honey, strawberry and chocolate.

Each time, the texture got better and better, and every mouthful felt like a delicious gloop of sweetness on his tongue. Masanuki’s personal favourite was honey, which is the same topping used in the original tweet sent out by Meiji showing how to make the unusual dessert.

So if you’re looking to make slime you can eat, or if you want to enjoy yoghurt in a brand new light, why not give it a try with your own variety of toppings and let us know which one you like best? It’s so easy to make and a great way to wow both kids and adults, and if you’re looking for a way to use up the rest of your yoghurt, you can always try this hack for making juicy chicken!

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