Shine like an aurora with these cool designs from Light Force Store!

Pokémon fans, are you ready? There’s a new collection of Pokémon apparel out, and if your closet isn’t already fully stocked with Graniph and UNIQLO tees, souvenirs from the Pokémon Center, and of course dress shirts from Pokémon Shirts, you’re gonna wanna get your wallets out! Light Force Store, an online store dedicated to selling apparel using its patented Aurora Reflector technology, has just released a bunch of reflective Pokémon print designs on hoodies and T-shirts that kids and adults alike might want to battle it out for.

Aurora Reflector technology bounces light, such as that of a smartphone flash or car lights, back to the source at the same angle from which it came, resulting in a flickering rainbow of colors, like an aurora. When a design is printed with Aurora Reflector technology, it turns into lines of iridescent color when struck with light, which looks super cool both in person and on film.

Light Force Store’s newest Pokémon collection includes five T-shirts and four hoodies. The T-shirts sell for 4,500 yen (US$33.12) each, and feature an Aurora Reflector design with Pikachu or Eevee on a white background and Charizard, Gengar, or Mimikyu on a black background.

The hoodies come with the same designs, except for Eevee. They sell for 5,800 yen each.

Both the hoodies and the T-shirts are available in kids’ sizes 110 and 130 as well as adults’ medium, large, and extra-large. Adult sizes are meant to be a bit on the roomy side, so if you prefer a smaller fit, you may want to try for a smaller size.

Both styles look great no matter the size, so if you’re a Pokémon fan, you’ll want to check it out!

You can purchase any of these items from Light Force Store’s online shop. Why not wear them together with your Pokémon Converse to really show off your love for Pokémon? Really, if your closet isn’t full of just Pokémon clothing and accessories by now, what have you been doing?

Source, images: PR Times
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