Lots of different Pokémon featured on many different kinds of shirts and dresses make for plenty of variety for your wardrobe!

If you’re a Pokémon fan, you may already have a whole closet’s worth of Pokémon-themed clothing, what with frequent releases of new Pokémon apparel from Uniqlo and GU, and of course, the plethora of options from Pokémon Shirts. But be ready to make some more room because there’s new Pokémon fashion coming from T-shirt brand Graniph, and you’re gonna want to add it to your collection!

There are 22 new clothing items, including T-shirts, button-ups, and dresses for adults and children, all of which feature lots of different Pokémon, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Take, for example, the white Pikachu and Eevee Pocket Tee, which shows Pikachu peeking out of the chest pocket with a big smile.

It also gives a glimpse of a snoozing Eevee inside the pocket through a round port-hole-style window!

The shirt is available in kids and adult sizes (3,500 yen/US$27.39 for adults and 2,740 yen for kids), so you could buy one for every member of the family if you like.

If you’re more a fan of Pikachu than of Eevee, you can purchase this black T-shirt that features a tiny Pikachu with his back to you on the front…

…And a huge Gigantamax Pikachu on the back. This shirt is longer in style and has drop shoulders for a looser fit. It comes in adult sizes for 3,500 yen.

If you’re allowed to wear a bold look at work, you might also want to pick up the Short-Sleeved Pikachu Stripe Shirt (6,500 yen).

This white button-up shirt has little yellow Pikachus embroidered in different poses all over the front of the shirt, plus a white and yellow-striped pocket. It’s made of typewriter cloth, a high-density, plain weave cotton textile, which gives it a smooth feel with a slightly stretchy quality.

If you like shorter cropped-style T-shirts, you might like the Pikachu Short-Sleeved T-shirt (3,500 yen). While the other T-shirts are all unisex, this shirt, which is one-size-fits-all, was designed with women in mind, offering a unique silhouette with its trendy short length and batwing sleeves.

A running Pikachu is embroidered on the bottom corner, and yellow silhouettes of Pikachu run along the hems of the sleeves, making this the perfect shirt for Pikachu fans.

Those who prefer Mimikyu over Pikachu might enjoy the Mimikyu Dress (3,500 yen). The Fairy/Ghost-type Pokémon, who imitates Pikachu by wearing an old cloth, is embroidered in various poses on a black background. This dress is one-size-fits-all and has a straight silhouette with short sleeves.

Fans of Grass-type Pokémon will like the navy blue Grass-type T-shirt (3,500 yen, adult sizes only).

With embroidered designs of Rowlet, Snivy, Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Leafeon, and Oddish, this shirt is full of some of the cutest grass types around. Like the Gigantamax Pikachu shirt, it’s a longer, looser style T-shirt.

Pokémon fans with a somewhat dark sense of humor might enjoy the white Pikachu and Cramorant tee (2,500 yen, adult sizes only), which bears a large print of a Cramorant using its Gulp Missile ability to swallow a Pikachu whole. It’s a basic tee made with cotton sheeting, so it’s extra soft and comfortable.

For something with a little sparkle, try the navy blue Lugia and Ho-Oh T-shirt (2,500 yen), which features two Johto legendaries, Lugia, the King of the Ocean, and the rainbow-winged Ho-Oh, flying together, or perhaps even battling in the sky.

The design is made of a foil print on a cotton sheeting T-shirt, making it a comfortable shirt with a really neat accent.

Lastly, kids can show off their appreciation for Arceus, who starred in one of the most recent Pokémon gamesPokémon Legend: Arceus. This kid’s size T-shirt (2,200 yen) features a really cool full-color print of the legendary Pokémon, who, according to Sinnoh Legend, is responsible for the creation of the world. The shirt is made of soft cotton sheeting fabric, so you’ll hear no complaints about comfort, either.

These and more than a dozen other styles are available for preorder now through 11:59 p.m. on April 26 on Graniph’s online store, but will also be available for immediate purchase in-store and online starting on April 27. If you liked Graniph’s previous collection of Pokémon attire, you’ll love these too, so don’t miss out!

Source, images: PR Times
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