Coffee and toast for breakfast, but without the coffee cup.

Whether it’s because you’re a business dynamo with a busy schedule of A.M. meetings or just because you’re someone who enjoys sleeping in until the last possible second, it can be hard to find time for a full breakfast. Still, no one wants to go through their whole morning on an entirely empty stomach, so maybe you find yourself settling for a cup of coffee and a slice of toast.

If so, Japan’s Megmilk Snow Brand (also known as Yukijirushi Megmilk), has a way to streamline the process, with Yukijirushi Coffee Soft. “Soft” might seem like a strange way to describe coffee, but this isn’t a beverage. Instead it’s a spreadable coffee-flavored topping for toast.

The flavor is based on Megmilk Snow Brand’s Yukijirushi Coffee (pictured at the top of this article). Since going on sale in 1963, Yukijirushi Coffee has become one of Japan’s favorite brands of “milk coffee,” a creamy mix of java and dairy. While Megmilk Snow Brand’s Yukijirushi Coffee Soft announcement doesn’t say whether or not it will give you the same caffeine kick as a cup of joe, it does say that the spread delivers the flavor of its beloved coffee brand, and recommends it not just for toast, but also for pancakes.

This will be Yukijirushi Coffee Soft’s second time to appear on store shelves, as it made its debut a few years back. Like many unique edible innovations in Japan, though, it was only offered for a limited time, but Megmilk Snow Brand is bringing it back to celebrate the 60th year of Yukijirushi Coffee being on the market.

Yukijirushi Coffee Soft is priced at 275 yen (US$2.05) for a 140-gram (4.9-ounce) container, and is on sale as of September 1. Between this and Japan’s new melon bread spread, it looks like our toaster is going to be getting a lot of use over the next few months.

Source: @Press, Yukijirushi Coffee via Hachima Kiko
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