More than a dozen characters from the anime franchise will take the stage to fight/sing at Titans.

There’s a live-action Attack on Titan stage show on the way, and not only that, it’s a musical too. The unexpected adaptation format was announced last month, and while we haven’t yet had a preview of how its songs are going to sound, the full cast has been revealed, as have photos of the performers in their costumes as the members of the Survey Corps as well as a few other key figures from the anime/manga franchise.

We already knew that the lead role of Eren is going to be played by Kurumu Okamiya, and that Sara Takatsuki’s Misaka and Eito Konishi’s Armin will make up the rest of the trio of childhood friends, as they appeared in the teaser video that accompanied the production’s announcement.

Joining them on the Titan-fighting stage will be no fewer than a dozen other characters, starting with, naturally, fan favorites Levi ( portrayed by Ryo Matsuda) and Sasha (Sena).

Erwin (Takuro Ono) and Hange (Riona Tatemichi) will provide military and scientific authority.

Rounding out the scrappy Survey Corps are Jean (Yu Fukuzawa)…

Marco (Kazuaki Yasue)…

Connie (Tomoa Nakanishi)…

…while the Garrison Regiment is represented by Hannes (Mitsu Murata).

Both of Eren’s parents, Carla (Mimi Maihane) and Grisha (Mitsuru Karahashi) will be part of the story…

…as will Keith (Takeshi Hayashi), who’s sporting quite a bit of hair compared to the bare-pate look he s often has in the anime.

Finally, the last revealed character is Dimo (Masanori Toita), who, in stark contrast to the cast dressed in dramatic Survey Corps uniforms, sort of just looks like a regular dude in a suit.

No preview visuals for the Titans themselves have been released, but with 20 “Blade Attackers,” presumably stunt performers, among the listed staff, and the 3-D maneuver gear that many of the actors are sporting in the group shot, it seems a given that there’s going to be some action to go along with the singing.

Attack on Titan the Musical opens at the Orix Theater in Osaka on January 7 for a three-day run, then starts up again in Tokyo at Seinankan Hall on January 14, where it runs until the 24th. Tickets are priced at 13,000 yen (US$93), with reservations opening November 5.

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Source: Attack on Titan the Musical official website via IT Media
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