Tiger synergy for your feet.

The new Urusei Yasura anime TV series made started this month, with the slick and shiny remake of creator Rumiko Takahashi’s 1970s sci-fi comedy premiering on October 14. But in addition to being back on TV, Urusei Yatsura is now going to be on people’s feet, thanks to a collaboration with sneaker brand Onitsuka Tiger.

To celebrate the crossover, David Animation, the same studio handling the new Urusei Yatsura TV series, has created a special video in which main characters Ataru and Lum go shopping at an Onitsuka Tiger store where, as is so often the case in UY, destructive mayhem occurs.

▼ The video gives us a sneak peak at characters Oyuki, Benten, and Ran, who are yet to appear in the new anime series, and also proves that Ataru will even hit on robots if they’re cute.

The reason for Urusei Yatsura teaming up with Onitsuka Tiger specifically is, of course, Lum’s penchant for tiger-striped attire. That taste in fashion comes from Japanese folklore, as Lum, as well as her entire alien race, are a sci-fi reimagining of oni, the horned ogres of Japanese legend who are commonly depicted wearing tiger pelts.

The team-up actually got out to a stealthy start in the very first episode of the new Urusei Yatsura. Though no one explicitly mentions it, Ataru wears a pair of Onitsuka Tiger’s Mexico 66 shoes during his fate-of-the-world-deciding game of tag with Lum.

▼ The Mexico 66’s retro design fits right in with the time period in which the series continues to be set.

In Episode 3, Lum is going to be wearing a pair of Onitsuka Tiger’s Delecity sneakers, right about the time that the special Urusei Yatsura Delecity model is going to be going on sale here in the real world on October 29.

▼ Lum herself is going to be appearing on the Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya2 branch storefront in downtown Tokyo between October 29 and November 6.

In addition to the Delecity sneakers, Onitsuka is also offering a UY sweatshirt…

…and bag.

The Urusei Yatsura shoes are a limited-edition, with just 700 pairs being produced and priced at 26,400 yen (US$176), and the sweatshirt and bag at 24,200 and 8,800 yen, respectively. The whole collection goes on sale at participating Onitsuka Tiger branches and through the company’s online store on October 29.

Source: Onitsuka Tiger via Japaaan
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