Just as we’re bringing out our winter clothes, the Nintendo series-themed cafe is bringing out its winter menu.

Japan goes through some pretty big swings in temperature between the seasons, so these days a lot of people are pulling their cold-weather clothes and bedding out of storage in preparation for the approaching winter chill. At the same time, the Kirby Cafe is bundling up too.

The beloved Nintendo character’s restaurants are getting set to add a number of new winter items to the menu. As with all of Japan’s themed eateries, the Kirby Cafe puts makes presentation a special priority, and for winter it’s giving its Kirby Burger a nice, cozy scarf.

The chefs haven’t revealed exactly what the muffler is made of, but in terms of texture and color it looks like either a Japanese-style omelet strip or some sort of wafer.

Also getting a scarf is the Waddle Dee Burger, which has a plant-based patty. Both burgers are accompanied by a side of pasta with “powdery snow” (grated cheese).

Meanwhile, a different trio of cream croquette Waddle Dees are staying warm under a blanket of white sauce with the Dreaming White Stew.

The dessert menu is getting some eye-catching additions too. The most memorable visual from Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the newest installment in the franchise, is when Kirby uses his Mouthful Mode power to fuse with a car. You can relive this moment, and eat it too, with the cafe’s Kirby car cake, which will be getting some icy/snowy edible roadside scenery.

And seeing as how Japan loves desserts featuring strawberries and cream at Christmas, to match the holiday’s traditional colors, both of those ingredients are present and accounted for with the Ricotta Pancake of Kirby’s Dreams.

The burgers are priced at 2,068 yen (US$14) the stew and car cake at 1,958 yen, and the pancake dessert at 1,628 yen. All three Kirby Cafe branches will start serving the special winter items on November 17, and they’ll be available at the Nagoya cafe through February 5 and at the Tokyo and Fukuoka branches until February 28.

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Source, images: PR Times

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