New limited-edition menu item celebrates Japanese fusion flavours.

Every winter, McDonald’s Japan adds a special Gurakoro burger to its lineup, and this year, the new offering is the Fuwatoro Tamago Noko Demi Gurakoro.

▼ The original Gurakoro (left) will be returning with the new release (right)

Image: McDonald’s Japan

The word “gurakoro” is an amalgamation of the shortened words “gura”, for “guratin” (“gratin“) and “koro”, for “korokke” (“croquette“), which perfectly describes the centrepiece of the burger — a croquette filled with gratin, made with cream and macaroni.

▼ This year’s new twist on the original comes with “Fuwatoro tamago” (“ふわとろたまご”/”fluffy egg“) and Noko Demi (“濃厚デミ”/”rich demi-glace sauce“)

The new burger is priced at 420 yen, which is 50 yen more than the original Gurakoro, but would the hike in price make for a more flavourful burger? We purchased one of them to find out, and in terms of first appearances, it made a great impression with its soft, glossy buns.

Inside, there was a whole lot of demi-glace sauce, which had permeated its deliciousness into the top bun. Strangely, there didn’t seem to be a lot of egg here, but upon taking a bite, the ratio of ingredients inside the burger turned out to be spot-on.

In addition to the scrambled egg on top, there was an egg sauce beneath it all, creating just the right amount of egg flavour to hold its own against the richness of the croquette.

Inside the croquette there was the surprise addition of prawn, adding a heartiness to the creamy gratin filling, while the fried exterior created a crunchy texture that kept us yearning for more with every bite.

▼ The bed of cabbage beneath the croquette cut through the creaminess to lighten the meal, leaving a refreshing finish on the palate.

The rich, gooey croquette filling was the star of the show here, melting on the tongue and seducing us with its addictive flavour. This is a burger that’s far more flavourful than the original, and it’s sure to delight fast food fans of all ages, especially in winter when filling, satisfying burgers like this are the toast of the season.

Both burgers are on sale for a limited time from 30 November, so if you’d like to get your mouth around the Fuwatoro Tamago Noko Demi Gurakoro, you’ll want to get in quick before they disappear. It’s a mouthful of a name, but it’s also a mouthful of a burger that’s definitely worth ordering, especially as it’s only available in Japan, unlike the Hokkaido Salmon Burger, which, oddly enough, is only available overseas.

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