The relaxing bear looks sweeter than ever with four-donut lineup.

Most of the time, we’re 100-percent onboard with Rilakkuma’s lifestyle. Sleeping late, relaxing when we do get up, and avoiding as much stress as we can? No arguments from us on those.

But while we’re not exactly in disagreement with Rilakkuma’s “eat lots of pancakes” policy, we sometimes find ourselves craving a donut instead. We think the relaxing bear can understand that, though, especially since what we’re craving right now is a Rilakkuma donut.

Thankfully, here to help us with that craving is Japanese donut chain Floresta. Floresta prides itself on making its donuts with no synthetic colorings, artificial fragrances, or preservatives. In addition to all that nice naturalness, Floresta also creates some of the cutest-looking donuts around, but even by those standards, these new Rilakkuma donuts are especially adorable.

Two different donuts, one with Rilakkuma and the other with Korilakkuma, will are showing up at Floresta branches and in the chain’s online shop from February 4. As their fancy attire and accompanying hearts suggest, these are special Valentine’s Day donuts, with strawberry chocolate covering their top halves.

The Valentine Rilakkuma and Valentine Korilakkuma are only sticking around until Valentine’s Day itself. That doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to Rilakkuma donuts entirely after February 14, though, because there’s a second batch of collaboration donuts arriving the very next day.

The Strawberry Rilakkuma (or Ichigo Rilakkuma, if you’re ordering it in Japanese), switches the positions of the Valentine’s Day donut, making Rilakkuma the outer ring and putting a strawberry-style donut hole in the middle.

Instead of Korilakkuma, Rilakkuma is joined by the Strawberry Kiiroitori for round two of the Floresta collaboration, which runs from February 15 to 26.

All of the donuts are priced at 520 yen (US$4) and, in addition to Floresta physical locations, can be purchased for delivery through the Floresta online store.

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Source, images: PR Times

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