New limited-edition sweets bring a dash of luxury to Japan’s top doughnut chain.

Back in the first week of January, Godiva and Mister Donut sought to break all our New Year’s resolutions with the announcement that they would be releasing a limited-edition range of chocolate doughnuts.

The decadent four-piece collection that debuted at Mister Donut stores on 11 January was only a taster for the full course, though, because now the collection is complete with two new doughnuts, shaped like a pair of hearts.

Called the “Premium Heart Collection“, this duo uses a newly developed premium chocolate dough that’s said to melt in the mouth, with Godiva’s bitter ganache and raw chocolate adding a dash of elegance and luxury to the mix.

The Heart Chocolat Fraise sandwiches ganache, strawberry jam, and chocolate inside the doughnut, with strawberry chocolate icing and crunchy strawberry bits for textural contrast.

The Heart Chocolate keeps things equally decadent with bitter ganache, whipped praline, and chocolate sandwiched inside the doughnut, and milk chocolate icing and candied almonds for a nutty crunch.

The new heart-shaped doughnuts are priced at 345 yen (US$2.34) for takeout or 352 yen for dine-in. Alternatively, takeout customers can combine both of these new doughnuts with the Galette des Rois and one of your favourite Chocolat doughnuts from the first collection, for 1,370 yen, which gets you a free collaboration-branded paper bag as well.

The new doughnuts will be available at Mister Donut stores around Japan from 31 January to late February, while the first collection will only be around until early February. If you’re watching your waistline as well as your back pocket and wondering which of the first collection is worth the calories, then this guide to the range might help you!

Source, images: PR Times
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