After topping Hello Kitty in the Sanrio character popularity poll, Pompompurin wants to welcome travelers to Tokyo and Sapporo.

The Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Gochome and Mitsui Garden Hotel Sapporo West are already pretty great places to stay if you’re travelling in Tokyo or Hokkaido, respectively. They’re located right in the heart of their cities, and they’re each only about a block away from major rail stations if you want to check out sightseeing options in other neighborhoods.

And later this month if won’t be just their locations that make the hotels attractive, but the fact that they’ll be offering Pompompurin rooms!

The Sanrio pooch with coloring and physique reminiscent of custard pudding made his debut in 1996 and instantly become one of Japan’s most popular characters. In 2022, Pompompurin finished second in the annual Sanrio Character Ranking poll, four spots ahead of even Hello Kitty, and so Mitsui Garden Hotels have created not just one, but three different Pompompurin collaboration rooms, each filled with artwork and amenities featuring Pompompurin and his pals.

▼ The Pompompurin Hide and Seek Room invites you to play along by trying to find all the hidden characters peeking out at you.

▼ The Pompompurin Sweets Party Room is covered in pastel pastries depictions.

▼ And last, the Dreaming Pompompurin Room, exclusive to the Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Gochome, seems like it’ll have you sleeping soundly the second your head touches the pillow, what with all the illustrations of the Pompompurin pantheon snoozing on the ceiling.

Guests staying in the Pompompurin rooms will also receive a special souvenir pack to take home, with different designs for the different rooms. Each pack contains a drink tumbler, tote bag, hand towel, fluffy socks, sticker, and stuffed animal of Pompompurin dressed in a snappy bellman’s uniform.

▼ Pompompurin Hide and Seek Room

▼ Pompompurin Sweets Party Room

▼ Dreaming Pompompurin Room

Note that the stuffed animal is identical for all three rooms, but if you’re such a passionate Pompompurin fan that you’re looking to gather the entire line, odds are you can find a use for a spare plushie or two.

The Pompompurin rooms will be available to stay in from March 26. Reservations are open now and can be made though the Mitsui Garden Hotel website here.

Source, images: PR Times
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