A hack to make this gorgeous summer beverage even more delicious. 

Now that the weather is really starting to heat up in Japan, Starbucks is bringing out the big guns of refreshment, releasing a summertime Frappuccino to keep us cool in the sweltering humidity.

Called the Gaburi Peach Frappuccino, this limited-time beverage is the latest reincarnation of the chain’s popular peach-flavoured Frappuccino, which has been making an appearance in some shape or form every summer since 2015.

This year, the drink is said to use the same formulation as last year’s Momo More Frappuccino, albeit with a different name to better encapsulate the “gaburi” sensation of the drink.

▼ “Gaburi” means to take a big bite out of something, and in this case, it’s a juicy peach.

Our resident Starbucks expert, K. Masami, fell in love with last year’s peach Frappuccino, so this year she wanted to try it with a customised twist for something different. Her experienced palate felt that extra citrus pulp would be a good match for this drink, and after running the idea by the barista, who confirmed that this would be an ideal customisation, she received her customised drink.

▼ The Frappuccino is sold in a tall size only for 700 yen (US$5.02), while the customisation costs 110 yen.

The Gaburi Peach Frappuccino was already pulpy in its original form, but now that Masami had added extra citrus pulp to the mix, the base looked like a heavenly pool of pinky orange deliciousness.

▼ Just looking at this drink is enough to re-energise you on a hot day.

Starting at the top, the peach-flavoured whipped cream had a mellow, milky sweetness that was delectable, and as Masami made her way down into the base, she began to feel the peach burst through, brightening her palate with its deliciously refreshing flavour.

The non-milk base helped to accentuate the fruitiness of the drink, and as she scooped up spoonfuls of pulp, she found chunks of peach interspersed throughout, helping to create the satisfying sensation of biting into a juicy peach.

The citrus pulp customisation helped to create a slight contrast in flavour with a hint of tartness to counteract the sweetness, and the extra pulp added another layer of moreishness to the mix. It was delicious, refreshing, and so incredibly easy to drink that Masami was tempted to order another one.

However, in the end she was able to restrain herself from overindulging, deciding to spread her Gaburi Frappuccino consumption throughout the summer months, while it’s on the menu until 8 August. After all, with the Coffeeade Cool Lime now available at Starbucks stores around Japan, she’s got plenty of drinking to do this summer!

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