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Add a splash of Ghibli to your every day.

Studio Ghibli films are known for their magical settings, where adventure awaits and almost anything can happen. Now, fans can sprinkle themselves with a splash of that special magic, thanks to a trio of body splashes being released by the anime studio.

Produced in collaboration with fragrance brand Fernanda, these body splashes have a subtle scent that’s ideal for spraying on the skin after bathing or for use throughout the day as a light substitute for perfume.

The first fragrance in the range matches the mood of Kiki’s Delivery Service in its design, showcasing some of the medicinal herbs and blooms seen in Kiki’s family home, where potions are concocted.

▼ The magical setting appears on the front of the bottle.

The scent is Maria Regale, a pre-existing Fernando fragrance that’s extremely popular with young women for its elegant freshness. The blend is jasmine, pear and Lily of the Valley, which produces a fruity floral scent.

▼ Next up, we have the Whisper of the Heart Body Splash.

This one is an original scent called Classic Tea, which contains a blend of yuzu, black tea and amber to create a delicate fragrance that’s similar to Earl Grey tea. On the bottle, the artwork harks back to the theatrical poster for the film, with Shizuku and Baron in the sky, only this time they’re surrounded by colourful jewels.

▼ The final fragrance in the lineup is dedicated to Howl’s Moving Castle.

The scent of this body splash, called White Bouquet, whisks us away to the floral fields from the movie, with notes of lily, rose and cedarwood. It’s said to be as elegant and soothing as the artwork on the bottle, which shows Howl and Sophie smiling at each other on the terrace of the moving castle, surrounded by flowers from Howl’s secret garden.

All three scents went on sale at Donguri Kyowkoku stores and online from 29 July, priced at 2,200 yen (US$15.50) each.

While the fragrances will make you smell beautiful, the bottles will make your space look beautiful too. And if you’d like to fill your home with the scent of Ghibli, these gorgeous candles and reed diffusers will definitely entice you!

Source: Donguri Kyowakoku
Top image: Donguri Kyowakoku
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