And they’ve made a Monster Hunter Weapon Spoon for you to eat with too.

Three things Japan loves, in no particular order, are curry, video games, and puns. So when the folks at Nissin saw an opportunity to combine all three, you can bet they jumped at the chance.

Nissin’s newest collaboration is with video game developer Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise. You might be thinking this is purely an extension of the promotional activities for Nissin’s recently released instant Gaming Curry Rice and Gaming Cup Noodle, but it’s actually because of a play on words. In Japanese, kari is the word for “hunt,” and the phrase “Hitokari ikou ze,” or “Let’s go for a hunt,” shows up a lot in Monster Hunter lore/fan communities. Of course, kari sounds a lot like “curry,” and it’s that similarity that’s led to Nissin’s “Let’s go for a curry while gaming” campaign.

To enter, all you have to do is purchase two items from Nissin’s Cup Meshi series of instant rice-in-a-cup meals, such as its Curry Meshi instant curry rice. Upload a photo of the receipt to the campaign site (found here), and you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of two Monster Hunter/curry crossover prizes, the first of which is a Weapon Spoon, inspired by the sort of crafted-from-monster-parts armaments players equip themselves with in the Monster Hunter games.

▼ Specifically, it’s modeled after the Bloodeagle Adler charge blade sword-and-shield set that appears in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

The other prize is especially focused on the “eat curry while playing video games” aspect. Obviously, you’re going to want to keep your cup of hot curry rice very stable while you’re gaming, so that it doesn’t tip over if you get excited and move around during an especially intense battle. To prevent that, Nissin and Capcom have created a special sturdy wooden mug, like the ones used by the game’s monster-hunting heroes during their downtime back at base, that’s specifically sized to fit a Curry Meshi cup inside of it.

The Curry Meshi mascot, Curry Meshi-kun, is also set to star in a short Monster Hunter crossover animation soon, but as of this writing it hasn’t yet been revealed.

If you want to get your hands on the Weapon Spoon or wooden curry holder mug, the entry period runs from now until the end of the month, after which 200 winners (100 for each item) will be randomly selected. Don’t beat yourself up too much if miss out, though, because it’s only a matter of time until Nissin comes up with its next compellingly crazy idea.

Source, images: PR Times via IT Media
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