Popular Japanese burger chain offers a Korean-inspired new menu item and also brings back a popular past crispy chicken favorite for a limited time.

Spicy food lovers rejoice, since Japanese burger chain Mos Burger is back at it again with another unique new addition to its menu for a limited-time only. From February 7 through the end of March, diners can experience an exciting and addictive spiciness when they bite into the new Yangnyeom Chicken Tatsuta Burger with Smooth Cheese Sauce (490 yen [US$3.30]). “Tatsuta” refers to a Japanese method of cooking that involves deep-frying.

▼ “Yangnyeom at Mos?”

The key feature of this brand-new, umami-rich offering is yangnyeom, a staple sweet-and-spicy Korean sauce used with fried chicken that’s made from gochujang (fermented red chili paste), sugar, and garlic. Mos Burger’s rendition uses the same production method as is used in Sunchang, Korea, an area famed for its gochujang. The sauce is also seasoned with a blend of red chili pepper-derived products such as cayenne pepper powder and habanero pepper, as well as “hidden flavors” in the form of a puree of domestically grown pears and apples to enhance the spiciness. Furthermore, a layer of crispy cabbage, plus the burger’s smooth, cheddar cheese-based sauce makes the yangnyeom even easier to down in a hungry fix.

For diners who would like something a little less spicy, never fear, because Mos Burger is also bringing back its Japanese-style Whose Chicken Tatsuta Burger? ~With Lemon Wedges~ (430 yen) during the same timeframe. This burger spotlights a balanced sweet-and-sour Japanese-style sauce with a base of soy sauce, garlic, and very finely minced green onions. A bed of crispy cabbage and lemon wedges as garnish round out the flavor.

Don’t miss out on these two delectable burgers, only available until the end of March. For more gastronomic burger bliss, you may also want to check out what another Japanese burger chain is currently cooking up as well.

Source, images: PR Times
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